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Jessica Christina

Guest Choreographer of Dialogue 2.0 [2016]

Photo by: Bernie Ng


Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Jessica started ballet and jazz training when she was 14. She then came to Singapore and graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2009. She joined O School as a full-time dance instructor for one and a half years while she was also a dancer in T.H.E Second Company. Jessica became a full-time dance artist with T.H.E Dance Company in 2011 to 2014. With the company, she has performed in various dance platforms in Singapore as well as international dance festivals in Denmark, Italy, France, China, Korea, Malaysia, and Indonesia. She danced in the company's repertoire choreographed by the Artistic Director Kuik Swee Boon, and other respected choreographers; Kim Jae Duk, Jeffrey Tan, Dimo Kirilov, Wu Yi San, and Davit Fitrik among others.


After seven fulfilling years in Singapore, Jessica returned to her home country. She continues to share her knowledge and experience through teaching and choreographing. In August 2015, she initiated Inspyro Moves, a platform to build contemporary dance community in Bandung and other cities in Indonesia.

Clement Cheong

Lighting Designer of Dialogue 2.0 [2016]

“Lights is not just about a simple switch but is to paint a picture for the audience” – 


this is a phrase that triggered Clement Cheong to make his major career switch from a graphic artist to a lighting designer in 2006.


With more than 8 years of experience, Clement’s accomplishments include projects for University dance shows, rock concerts, TV shows, theatre, dance, art installations, cultural performances, musical productions and many more. Some bigger projects include Singapore Youth Festival 2010 Opening Ceremony at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and the involvement in Chingay Parade Singapore 2011 – 2013 and National Day Parade 2013 –2014. His most recent endeavour was his valuable experience working with National Day Parade 2015 as the lighting assistant / programmer.


Guest Artist of The Double Bill: Light/Shadows et Optical Delusion [2014]

Award-winning composer-pianist Tze Toh has written for film, contemporary

dance, documentaries, theatre and cross-disciplinary projects, creating music for film maker Royston Tan, Discovery channel, Youth Olympics 2010. He founded TO ensemble (formerly Tze n Looking Glass), Singapore's unique contemporary Asian fusion ensemble, and his works have been performed in Brazil, Poland, Spain, France, Scotland, UK, New Zealand, Japan and Indonesia.

Josiah Yoong

Lighting Designer of T|hitherto [2012] & The Double Bill: Light/Shadows et Optical Delusion [2014]

Josiah Yoong is a stage lighting designer. He completed the Technical Theatre programme from LASALLE College of The Arts in 2011. Ever since, he has been lighting drama and dance performances. Besides freelance projects, he does lighting programming for a church’s youth service where the light of the world can be found. Josiah looks forward to lighting different types of shows in the near future.

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