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Kaleidoscope is a platform initiated by Sigma to support the development of new works by independent artist/ arts groups. It is an ecosystem of support for new works as we bring together a community of performance art makers of various disciplines, mentors, producers, directors and most importantly, the audience. Choreographers and performers are able to get constructive feedback that aids in the development of the work through engaging in discourse with the audience in a safe and honest manner after each session. Promising works are identified and connected with opportunities to be presented to wider audiences.

What do applicants get?

  1. Up to 40 hours of dedicated studio time* (rehearsal and presentation venue will be at Sigma Collective Space - 14 x 8.4m studio)

  2. Artist Stipend (amount to be confirmed upon announcement of result)

  3. Marketing and publicity support 

  4. Technical support for the presentation at Sigma Collective Space

  5. Mentorship support by industry practitioners

*Slots available include weekdays before 5pm & after 10pm, most Fridays, some Sunday evenings onwards, and some weekday evenings onwards. If you require other time slots, please specify in the application form.

Who can apply?

  1. Anyone residing within Singapore during the incubation and presentation period.

Application process

  1. Fill up the application form and attach your proposal in the link below.

  2. Refer to below table for important dates to note

Screenshot 2022-04-06 at 5.43.17 PM.png

Proposal guidelines

Note: The work you will be working on must be a new work that has not been presented at any other platform before. The presentation format can be in any form as long as it is within our means.

  1. Include a write up about your proposal idea

  2. Include a bio of yourself and all collaborators (if any, including the performers)

  3. Include any research that you may have done on your idea (research can come in any form)

  4. Include links to videos of your work-in-progress (if any) and any of your past completed works that can give us an idea of what you do

  5. Compile all in a PDF document within 100mb

Download PDF of above details here:

Email us at for enquiries.

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