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""He (Guofeng) breaks new ground as he responds to pandemic limitations with well-considered use of technology and site."


".. a series of striking tableux."

"The adventure lasts only 20 minutes, but invites enough curiosity for audiences to keep re-entering over the 24 hours that the live-stream is available for."


“Shifting between sleep and waking”

- Chan Sze-Wei, Life, The Straits Times

December 9, 2020


“..Super creative #lockdown performance”
“I was captivated by how each dancer used their living space, how spaces were left organic and real..”

“.. you did not simply record what you would normally do in a space, to keep up with these digital times. Instead I felt a concerted effort to express through a new language and medium, and honestly I had so many goosebumps throughout the show. Thank you kindly for all your humanity and spirit Sigma, it is thoroughly inspiring to me.”

“I really appreciated that the performance was created with the Zoom platform / viewers' lenses in mind as opposed to publishing a stage work recording or for performers coming into the same space and live streaming the performance.”

“Creative: didn't try to transpose elements of a typical stage performance, but making use the circumstance and what is available to the dancers; authentic and sincere.”

“It’s really amazing to see how technology could help put up such an interesting performance during this unique period. I like the concept and how the movements integrate with music and lights. An enjoyable piece of art!"


May 30, 2020


"Sensuous", "spacious", “reflective"
"Different to anything else I've seen”
“It’s just a new experience. I love the the dancing, the live music with the city overview and river.”

“This is a performance to experience.”


December 1, 2019


"... after such a powerful and energetic sequence, I feel an overwhelming thirst myself."


"a compelling piece"

"It does not simply showcase the issue of autonomy and freedom, it involves us in the process ..."


“Insatiable” by Sigma Contemporary Dance: A Game of Thirst

- Lim Shan, Arts Equator

December 19, 2017


"Sigma Contemporary Dance piqued the audience with a slick and well-executed production, on a par with the other home-grown professional contemporary dance companies."


"Growth was evident and ideas abounded in this work.

From an immersive pre-show performance installation and video projections to physically demanding choreography, text and even the use of drones, Sigma was eager to show that it took itself seriously in its desire to be positioned within the local professional performing arts landscape."


Dance review: Explosive choreography, drones and clever ideas in Dialogue 2.0

- Lee Mun Wai, The Straits Times

January 24, 2016


A small but growing community of independent dancers, not affiliated with any one dance company,

is shaking things up


Indie wave


- Nabilah Said, The Straits Times

January 05, 2016

"It was an absolute visual pleasure watching this young team of ten, each with the ability to hold his/her own on stage, and the confidence to express his/her voice through dance. Even though they were each strong performers, the audience could tell that they moved as a team and even breathed together."


"Kudos to Wei Chee and Guofeng for pushing the boundaries of choreography in the contemporary realm and exploring very real and relatable issues; for even throwing in a spontaneous dance party in the middle of it all."


SIGMA’s Double Bill Dug Deep

- Stephanie Phua, Dance Lah

June, 2014


"Semi-pro group Sigma Contemporary Dance wants to show you it can be done"


"Sigma Contemporary Dance is not a household name even in dance circles, but that hasn’t stopped its members from pursuing their passion — outside office hours, that is."


"Personal motivations aside, the main objective of the group, Hong explained, is to encourage more people to pursue contemporary dance outside their careers and commitments."


Dance after office hours

- Mayo Martin, TODAY

7 June, 2014


"Perhaps dreams really do come true if one pursues them hard enough. It is groups like these that prove to our overly pragmatic society that art is not just the pursuit for a select few but it is an integral part of life to be enjoyed and appreciated by all."


A Double Bill by Sigma Contemporary Dance

- Lee Mun Wai, The Muse

13 June, 2014


The technical mastery and musicality of Sigma’s 8 dancers considering the amount of time (the irony) they had to put together the show is beyond commendable. T|hitherto’s theme of time was neither earth-shattering nor ground breaking but the sheer sincerity with which it was presented, their collective courage, and the clarity of the message conveyed made it worth every second of my time and more."



- Miranda Chan, Poached Mag

22 October, 2012


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