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DOCK 65 [2019]

Choreographed by: Hong Guofeng & Christina Chan

Photos by: JingKai Kuang / Artania Raharso

Music & Sound by: Redwan Hamzah

Sigma ventures outdoor into Esplanade Park for their new work by artistic director Hong Guofeng and independent artist Christina Chan in collaboration with composer/ musician Redwan Hamzah and the dancers of Sigma.


Set on the stepped waterfront plaza against the backdrop of the Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands and the Central Business District, the performance combines the use of existing structural elements against Singapore’s city skyline and live music to transform the public space into a casual outdoor theatre.




of flesh and wood,

lost to metal and fire,

lost to rains and winds.



to yesterday,

to years,



so that our bones

may watch tomorrow.



but we’re ashore.

a huddle of hands

and hearts.



we’re home.



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