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Video & Film Projects



This is a short collaborative film between Christina Chan, and Sigma. It chronicles some of the adventures of Sigma in 2018 in a familiar Singapore location. It can be considered an early prototype of Dock 65, a full length live dance and music performance which premiered in December 2019 when Sigma returned for another expedition of the same space. You can watch a short film compilation of Dock 65 during one of the rehearsals below. This premiere is part of 12.ance 2020 edition.


Reimagining the digital space as a stage, “Survei:ance” was Sigma’s first online performance, created entirely online through Zoom meetings with our dancers. This work was inspired by the idea of watching and being watched along with the situations and context that justifies or condemns it.


In this work, we took conventional ideas of dance composition, lighting specials, framing techniques and movement creation, and explored ways to present them using the online web conferencing platform; to bring the theatre right to the screens of our audience in the comfort of their homes.

While the experience of watching a performance on a screen can never be compared to that of a live show in the theatre, we hope to bring some of that magic to the homes of our audience so that they can enjoy dance beyond physical interactions and boundaries.

Directed by: Hong Guofeng

Chorepgraphed and performed by: Sigma Contemporary Dance

DOCK 65 FILM (2019)

Sigma ventured outdoor into Esplanade Park for the the first time with a work by artistic director Hong Guofeng and independent artist Christina Chan in collaboration with composer/ musician Redwan Hamzah and the dancers of Sigma.

Set on the stepped waterfront plaza against the backdrop of the Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands and the Central Business District, the performance combined the use of existing structural elements against Singapore’s city skyline and live music to transform the public space into a casual outdoor theatre.

This work drew inspiration from the early immigrants of Singapore, in search of greener pastures and the subsequent decision to make this place their home. As we look back at history, we also look forward and question what it means to live in a different era but with the same hopes and dreams. Themes of individualism and community, temporal and permanence, drifting and settling are explored in this work.

Directed & choreographed by: Hong Guofeng & Christina Chan

Dancers: Sigma Contemporary Dance


This is a highlight video from Insatiable.

Taken during our full dress rehearsal on 2 Dec 2017, at Esplanade Theatre Studio, Singapore.

Choreography: Hong Guofeng in collaboration with dancers of Sigma
Lighting Design: Clement Cheong
Music: Omicron - Static State


This is an excerpt from Dialogue 2.0.

Performed by Sigma Contemporary Dance on 23 Jan 2016, at Goodman Arts Centre, Singapore.

Choreography: Hong Guofeng
Lighting Design: Clement Cheong
Music: Adrian von Ziegler


Inspired by the glorious old bright yellow flats behind People's Park Complex in Chinatown, this video pays homemage to the history of Chinatown.


As we fall in love with this old school rooftop carpark, we also indulge in the nostalgia it brings to us, reflecting on the 6 years we have been dancing together since Sigma was formed in 2010.

Friends who dance together stay together, so this film is dedicated to all the dance friends out there!


Directed, choreographed and filmed by: Chen Wei Chee

Dancers: Sigma Contemporary Dance

Special thanks to the lovely folks of Lepark for the space and Jeremy for the camera!


Expanding on the concept of communication in our increasingly digitised society from our third full-length work, Dialogue 2.0, we decided to create a short video combining some of our favourite parts from this work with some new ideas. 


We speak to be heard, 

We ask to get answers, 

We communicate to connect.


Directed and filmed by: Hong Guofeng

Choreography by: Hong Guofeng & Jessica Christina

Dancers: Sigma Contemporary Dance

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