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Albert Tiong


Albert Tiong graduated from The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts on full scholarship. He was a professional dancer with Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan, guest artist with Hong Kong Dance Company, principal dancer with Odyssey Dance Theatre (Singapore), and was the Singapore representative for World Dance Alliance Asia-Pacific Dance Bridge 2007 Artist Showcase. Albert teaches contemporary dance extensively in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore – People’s Association, LASALLE College of the Arts, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore Raffles Music College (Dance Faculty), NUS Dance Synergy, T.H.E Dance Company, and *SCAPE Dance Residency. He had been invited to carry out academic exchanges with the Beijing Dance Academy (China) and Macau Academy of Performing Arts (Dance School) on two occasions. He was also one of the contemporary dance teachers invited to participate in the Beijing Dance Festival teaching week. Albert once founded Re:Dance Theatre, and also was once the Resident Choreographer and training master for Frontier Danceland. He created countless dance works and full-length works. These works were showcased at home – Singapore International Festival of Arts, Esplanade’s da:ns festival and Huayi – Chinese Festival of Arts, M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival, M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, NUS Arts Festival, and abroad in countries including Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, and the USA. His work, “Traces” won the Tan Ean Kiam Arts Awards – Production of the Year in 2014.

Anthea Seah

Anthea is a dance artist with The Human Expression Dance Company. She has performed and toured with the company's repertoire, and develops Hollow Body through practice and facilitating workshops. She also creates through choreography. Currently, Anthea is living in New York.


Chua Chiok Woon


Christina Chan

Born in Singapore, Christina studied at The Boston Conservatory was awarded the prestigious Ar-thur B. Whitney Medal for highest scholastic achievement after previously training at The New Zealand School of Dance. Her work in dance has taken her around the world, to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Ko-rea, the UK and Africa; working with artists including Noa Zuk, Stephanie Lake, Sita Ostheimer, Byron Perry, Liu Yen Cheng, Matej Kejzar, Stephanie Batten Bland, Shahar Binyamini, Wallie Wolfgruber, Gabrielle Nankivell, Victor Fung, Lewis Major, Aymeric Bichon and more. At home, Christina has been working with Singapore Ballet/Singapore Dance Theatre, since 2011, creating several repertory works for the company, most recently for Dans Fest and Sifa 2021. She was previously a full-time artist and the rehearsal director at Frontier Danceland where she created 10 repertory works. She has also created work for NAFA, Lasalle and Sigma Contemporary Dance, where she is currently a resident choreographer.


Daphne Chua

A self-professed body-mind nerd, Daphne is always exploring the underlying principles of the human brain-body connections, as well movement patterns as embodied relational beings. She applies principles of kinesiology, embodied anatomy & physiology through somatics, evidence-based research on the nervous system, trauma physiology, as well as traditional yoga philosophy into her work. She helps people hone their sensory awareness and embody the adage of a mind-body connection so as to fully experience life. Daphne has helped people of all ages rehabilitate injuries, regain neuromotor functions, manage chronic pain, and work through trauma. She also creates holistic therapeutic trainings and mentorship programs for individuals, movement teachers, fitness instructors, healthcare and corporate professionals.


Eunice Wee

Eunice started dance training in modern dance in Republic Poly and NUS Dance Ensemble under Zaini Tahir and Marcus Foo. She joined the NUS Dance Ensemble as an associate member in 2010, participating in their annual concerts, Evocation and The Next Wave. She was a parade performer with the Universal Studio Singapore for 5 years. Eunice joined T.H.E. Second Company in 2011 and has sinced performed in Emerging Choreographers 3 2011, the Singapore Writer’s Festival 2012, MyDance Festival in Kuala Lumpur 2013, SG50 Inside Out 2015(beijing, newyork, singapore), LiTHE 2013, 2015 and 2017, Bedfellows for the company’s 5th anniversary, M1 CONTACT contemporary dance festival AFX 2016, esplanade’s Feed your imagination site specific work - Impulse 2018, M1 CONTACT open stage 2018, Dance at Dusk- Silence 2019, 起风了 2022. Eunice is also a dance instructor teaching in various schools since 2013.


Hong Guofeng

Guofeng Hong is currently the artistic director of Sigma Contemporary Dance and SMU INDANCITY. His works have been showcased in local arts festival such as M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival and SMU Arts Festival and to international dance festivals such as Sibu International Dance Festival, Dance Circus and Blossom Arts Festival. He creates works based on the ongoing development of his movement and choreographic practices and The Straits Times and Arts Equator have described his works as “compelling”, “slick”, “immersive” and “clever”. In 2019, he created a work with long-time collaborator Chiok Woon, which has been showcased in M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival and invited to perform in Hong Kong Dance Exchange and Macau CDE Springboard. He is constantly exploring different ways of presenting contemporary dance to the audience, such as Dock 65, a full length piece using Esplanade Park as an outdoor theatre, Survei:ance, a Zoom performance, and Hypnagogia, a 360 site specific performance with 360 sound. As he continues to refines his practice, he hopes to share his findings with people curious about art and the moving body.


Ivan Koh

Ivan is a performing Artist based in Singapore and currently dancing with Singapore Ballet. He graduated from the New Zealand School of Dance, prior to that, he studied and trained at School of The Arts Singapore. Ivan's dance training includes Ballet, Contemporary, Hip hop and freestyle. His research seeks to continue searching for new movements through bodily experiences. His interest in music composition and furniture making also adds a unique layer to movement creation.

JIE MIN_2x_edited.png

Nah Jiemin

Jiemin is currently a Dance Artist with Sigma Contemporary Dance, and has worked on independent projects with both local and overseas choreographers. She also heads Elements Dance Arts, a local Chinese dance collective, focusing on exploring Chinese Dance for the contemporary audience. She is interested in the exploration of boundaries and porousness between traditional Chinese dance techniques and contemporary movement. Outside of dance, Jiemin is a Research Fellow studying Molecular and Cell Biology. She enjoys thinking about the intersections of dance and science, and working through the cohesiveness and contradictions between the two disciplines.

JING WEN_2x_edited.png

Ng Jing Wen

Jing Wen graduated from LASALLE college of the Arts, diploma in dance program in 2015 and has since been working as a dancer. She has been dabbling in different parts of the dance scene to truly understand where she wants to be. She has competed in showcase platforms, battles, toured different countries teaching and performing and is currently spending more time teaching. She enjoys the versatility and feeling of movement and hopes to share that with others.

Chiok is a founding member and dance artist of Sigma Contemporary Dance. She has performed and collaborated in works by Hong Guofeng, Christina Chan, Jessica Christina (Indonesia), Marcus Foo, Benedict Soh, and Yeri Anarika (Berlin/ Mexico). Her co-creation has been performed at M1 Offstage 2018, M1 Open Stage 2019, as well as CDE Springboard in Macau and Hong Kong Dance Exchange in 2020. She has also created short works for universities and tertiary institutions. Aside from dancing and creating, she shares her practice and dance knowledge with children, youths and adults as a freelance ballet and contemporary dance educator.

Jack Ng

Lim Lenzo


Kar Kah Chan

Chan Kar Kah (b.1997) is a Malaysian interdisciplinary artist, choreographer, educator, and director of Marrow Collective. Kar Kah was trained in Chinese classical dance, Chinese ethnic folk dance, and contemporary dance at Beijing Normal University. In 2018, she founded Marrow Collective which explores the interstices of dance and visual arts. Kar Kah’s research on local Chinese dance surrounds the ancestral traditions and somatic memories of the Malaysian Chinese community, and their influence on Chinese dance in Malaysia. With later involvement in Chinese opera and Chinese martial arts (Nan Quan), she seeks the commonality between the body movements of these arts and the integration between them in Tanah Melayu. Her works also focus on Chinese philosophy, oriental body movements, and their integrations between the cultural exchanges in Southeast Asia. Her recent works have been presented at Scarlet Mela Festival of Arts(SG), George Town Festival(MY), Emergence, MAP Experimentum(AUS/MY), Bandung Arts Festival(IND). Her productions Prajñā Revisited, EXIT-IN Perspective: Reimagining Malaysian Chinese Dance and SERENITY: a glimpse through traditional lenses, are funded by CENDANA, George Town Festival and supported by Rimbun Dahan. Her series of Malaysian Chinese dance research projects, Coherence: InterFaces is selected for Sigma’s Kaleidoscope 2022(SG). Kar Kah recently completed her 3-month artist residency at Rimbun Dahan in 2022.


Kelly Ng

Kelly started her ballet training in Singapore at the age of four under the tutelage of Mr Donato C. Farrer. Subsequently, she explored other dance styles including Jazz, Hip Hop and Contemporary, working with teachers and choreographers such as Lena Foo, Jean Chan, Cheng Hsienfa, Xu Jie, Ledi Deans, Jeffrey Tan, Dan Kwoh and Peter Gn. An award-winning dancer, Kelly achieved Distinctions in the RAD graded and vocational examinations as well as Honours with Distinction in the Australian Teacher's Of Dancing Jazz Silver Star and Gold Star examinations. Kelly was a recipient of the Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarship for her academic achievements upon entry to Roehampton University (UK) where she pursued her BA (Hons) in Dance Studies. She graduated with First Class Honours in July 2014 and has been a member of the Dance Faculty at School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA) since January 2015. In addition to teaching, she has also choreographed works for SOTA’s annual showcases and explored interdisciplinary collaborations with her colleagues from the Music and Visual Arts faculties. Kelly enjoys bringing dance to the streets through photography collaborations and capturing the beauty of movement against the backdrop of a variety of landscapes. Her hobbies include crochet, baking, jigsaw puzzles and painting just to name a few. Kelly also serves with the piano as a member of her church’s music ministry and has contributed in its musical productions over the years.


Leia Ang

Leia Ang started professional dance training at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore), continued to obtain her Bachelor's in Fine Arts at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (USA), and finally her Master of Dance Studies at the University of Auckland (NZ). Throughout these years, she choreographs, performs and teaches in different countries and settings by God's grace. Currently, Leia seeks creative venues to share these learning with those God places in her life.


Xin Yen Tan

Xin Yen was born in Penang, Malaysia and has trained in different genres of dance. In 2019, she graduated with a Diploma in Dance with Distinction from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). She was a recipient of the Tan Chin Tuan Merit Award and M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival Scholarship in 2018. She participated in an immersion programme at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (UK) where she co-choreographed "I like the differences between us" (2018) with Lenzo Lim (Malaysia). While at NAFA, Xin Yen collaborated with Euriel Lascano (Philippines) and students from the Fine Arts Department to choreograph a piece called "A Cup of..." (2018), which was performed at National Gallery Singapore. Xin Yen joined Frontier Danceland as a project artist in May 2019, became an apprentice in July 2019 and was promoted to company artist in January 2020. She created filmic work, "You are 56, still counting and keep counting; I am 25". as part of Dancers’ Locker 2020 and it has been selected for Singapore International Film Festival's Southeast Asian Short Film (2021) Competition and InShadow Lisbon Screendance Festival's International Screendance Competition (2021). She also choreographed "Me with My Pet Dinosaur" as part of LEAP 2021. She draws inspiration from movies, in particular works of science fiction and fantasy to inform her movement practice, where the blurred boundaries of reality fulfil her mind’s desire in crafting a world where ‘anything is possible'.



Previously based in New York City. Xue is a Singaporean artist and butoh practitioner. As a butoh dancer, Xue has been featured in The Online New York Butoh Institute Festival (2020) and The Online Queer Butoh Festival (2021). Most recently, they performed their work ‘Shadowbloom’ live in New York City at The Brick Theater in Brooklyn with musical collaborator Mervin Wong @mervinwong00, presented by Vangeline Theater/New York Butoh Institute. In 2021, Xue was also given the opportunity to share their research on their durational performance work ‘SLEEPWALKERS’ at Dance Nucleus’s Scope #11. Xue is currently studying butoh under the guidance of Vangeline (NYC, Vangeline Theater/New York Butoh Institute) @vangelinebutoh and Emiko Agatsuma @emiko.agatsuma (JP, AGAXART). Xue believes that the body is a conduit between heaven and earth and has been cultivating their own hybrid style of planetary butoh — informed by butoh traditions imparted from teachers and workshops attended along their travels. Their greatest wish is to share the art of butoh with others through teaching and performing. The metamorphic practice of butoh is their life’s work. Xue is a dedicated soloist but tends to perform their butoh alongside a musical collaborator. They have a penchant for sacred bell sounds and the dirty strains of electric guitar.

YONG WEN_2x.png

Yeong Wen Lee

Yeong Wen Lee began his dance training in ballet, followed by contemporary dance, in Singapore, which led him to further his studies of movement in Arizona State University (ASU). Since graduating from ASU in 2010 with an Outstanding Graduate Student Creative Work Award and a Distinguished Teacher Award, he has continued his practice and sharing of dance/movement in diverse environments.

 Yeong has also facilitated dance/movement workshops at King’s Academy, Jordan (2009), Arizona Dance Education Organization, Phoenix, Arizona (2010), America College Dance Festival, Tempe, Arizona (2010), International Dance Festival in Ilan, Taiwan (2011), Contact Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2012, 2013), Mission Improvable Festival, Buffalo, New York (2012), Beijing Dance Academy (2015), and Toronto (2016). 

In Singapore, Yeong also conducts dance/movement workshops at O’Joy Care Center (part of the Health Oriented Ageing programme), Memories Café (Project by Alzheimer’s Disease Association), Greentree Montessori (a Creative Movement Class) and Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts (Teaching Improvisation and Contact Improvisation). Yeong occasionally organizes and facilitates intensive workshops to deepen his research and study of dance/movement.

Derrick Tay.jpg

Derrick Tay

Derrick Tay is a multidisciplinary artist that advocate the importance of inwards journey through his work and exploration. He majored in Theatre Arts (BA Hons) with a double diploma in Performance and Popular Vocal Teaching (London College of Music). He is known as a musician, vocalist, actor, educator and co founded SAINOUSPACE, a creative service platform that help individuals, collectives and companies to grow, inspire and to share their own stories.

Yeo Hana.jpg

Yeo Hana

Yeo Hana was born in Batam, Indonesia and raised in Singapore. She started contemporary dance at the age of 9 in Pei Tong Primary School as a co-curricular activity (CCA) and continued on to Kent Ridge Secondary School joining the Dance Club and picking up both Jazz and Hip-Hop. Hana has graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) with a Diploma in Dance and has actively performed in student pieces as well as being involved in works by choreographers like Elizabeth Lee (Singapore), Mr. Peter Gn (Singapore), Tan Xin Yen (Malaysia), Neo Yan Zong and Keryn Ng (Singapore), Yenny Mulyati Widjaja (Indonesia), Neo Jenny (Singapore) and Ms Gillian Tan (Singapore). She has also choreographed pieces such as “It’s Complicated”, performed in Dancers@Work with the guidance of Mdm Lim Fei Shen, “Out of Breath”, shown in NAFA’s Third Space as well as “Unpublished Manuscript”, performed in NAFA’s annual show Crossings in 2021 under the guidance of Ms Gillian Tan. Recently in 2021, she participated in Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre (SCDT) choreography initiative “Emergence” which gave her the opportunity to showcase her work “Body in Abyss, Heart in Paradise (身在无间,心在桃源)” under the guidance of Ms Neo Jenny. She is currently a teaching assistant with NAFA’s dance department.

Jack Ng.jpg

Jack has practiced dance since 2009, training mainly in Contemporary dance and Chinese Dance. He has danced and performed in school dance clubs such as River Valley Dance Society, NTU’s Contemp{minated}, as well as semi-professional companies such as Dance Horizon Troupe Singapore and T.H.E. Second Company. Jack actively seeks out new ways to expand his practice, and has recently branched out into cross-disciplinary work such as dance films and performances involving dance, live music, spoken word, and live media.

Lim Lenzo.jpg

Lenzo was born in Penang, Malaysia and started to dance at the age of 14 with Chinese Cultural Dance in Phor Tay Ex-pupils Association for 3 years. He then ventured into Modern Dance, choreographed with members of Phor Tay Private High School (PTPHS) dance society in 2010. At age 18, he formally started to learn Contemporary Dance technique from Aida Redza. He also picked up Ballet in myDance Station Ballet Academy when he was 21. In April 2019, Lenzo graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Singapore with a Diploma in Dance. Within the 3 years study in NAFA Dance, he danced in pieces choreographed by Dr Filomar C. Tariao, Christina Chan, Charlotte Boye- Christensen, Richard Chappell, Ezekiel Oliveira, Dr Siri Rama and NAFA alumnus Kenneth Tan and Sandra Leong. He also choreographed works for his Dance Creation modules such as Dear World, The Face and Allelopathy under mentorship of Ms Gillian Tan. Now, Lenzo works as a Pointe Shoe Fitter at Sonata Dancewear, where he helps dancers select shoes that fit them best so they can dance safely, efficiently and improve at their own pace. Meanwhile, he is constantly looking for opportunities to display his creativity in making performance works. His most recent work You are My Boy was presented in Kaleidoscope 2.0 by Sigma Dance Collective. Lenzo is also part of Kirishima Dance Corps led by Xenres Chi.

Ahmad Khaliq.jpg

Ahmad Khaliq

Ahmad is an electronic producer, DJ and musician from Singapore.
He has been an active contributor in the local music scene over the last 15 years prior to becoming an electronic musician. His experiences in the music industry has led him to collaborate with artists such as Amateur Takes Control, Inch Chua and Monster Cat. As a songwriter, he has several releases under his belt with various bands such as Anechois, Amateur Takes Control Silhouette and T-REX (SG). He has toured Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, graced the stage in local festivals such as Baybeats, Ignite, Mosaic Music Festival, Youth Olympic Games and Australia’s Laneway Festival to name a few. As a DJ/Producer, he seeks to create unique sounds perceived by moody textures, organic elements and accompanied by deep, raw and tough grooves.
 He aims to broaden his musical horizon by multi-disciplinary work, productions and sound design.

Redwan Hamzah.jpg

Redwan Hamzah

Redwan Hamzah is a composer, singer/songwriter, musician and educator. Guitar player and writer for artists such as Sezairi, Tim De Cotta and Din Ilango, he has graced stages including: ASEAN-IMF (India-Seher), Laneway, Baybeats etc. He is also a co-founder of Insyncsg, where he spearheads program development for contemporary music education, whilst teaching in various JCs as a musical director. Interfacing with different disciplines, he has been composing music for dance productions and short films such as Dock 65, Hypnagogia, Civil Twilight (Sigma Contemporary Dance), and Stolen Dance (Translucent Bodies). He has also performed in an improvisatory context for various shows, most recently being Unsound.Bodies.(2021). He is currently writing for his debut album, 'Leaves and Children', which will reflect a search for balance slated to be out late 2022.

Namie Rasman_13_edited.jpg

Namie Rasman

Singaporean vocalist Namie Rasman grew up intrigued by the sounds of Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, Miles Davis and their contemporaries. While pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Music (Jazz Performance), she also began performing for events and live venues in Singapore as well as overseas. As a solo artist, she goes beyond Jazz, incorporating electronic elements, extended techniques and improvisation with the Jazz spirit. Under the pseudonym, NAMIE, she has released 4 tracks since January 2020. Her first single Queenfisher was featured in the National Day Parade 2020 Evening Show. She is also the songwriter and vocalist of Singapore based bands, The Jazz Djogets and Namie And The Waves.

Bernice Lee 李怡珣.jpg

Bernice Lee Rolypoly Family

Led by dance artists Faye Lim and Bernice Lee, Rolypoly Family supports the artistic, creative and social-emotional learning of young children and their families. We are a team of dance artists brought together by our intuitive and responsive movement practices and our dedication to children’s creative genius. Our name is a statement of our beliefs – that families come in all shapes and sizes, that kinship can grow through creative and physical play (yes, rolling!), and that rhyming is as fun in language as in dance. Bernice will be leading Rolypoly Family Dance Class at 12.ance. An artist and dance practitioner, she performs and creates for a wide range of audiences. Her current research zooms in on Mother as a malleable archetype.

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