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 Kaleidoscope IV Artists


Nah Jieying

Co-choreographer & performer of
<This Appearance>

Jieying started her training as an artistic gymnast and a chinese dancer. She moved on to train in contemporary dance and ballet in School of the Arts, Singapore. In 2016, she received the National Arts Council Scholarship (Undergraduate) to study overseas at London Contemporary Dance School. Upon graduating, Jieying worked for projects with James Cousins Company and Matsena Productions in the UK. Jieying joined The Human Expression Dance Company as a full time professional dancer from 2019-2022. She also teaches, choreographs and facilitates dance workshops and dance related talks for arts groups and organisations in Singapore. Her recent interest lies in researching how different aspects of dancing, both physically and mentally, can bring about more body awareness and even more happiness to the rest of the community.

Kent Lee.jpg

Kent Lee

Music Collaborator of <This Appearance>

Kent Lee is a sound artist and musician currently lives and works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A self-taught musician who also delves in different disciplines of artistic practices, he is gravitating towards the experimental side of music — blending acoustics sounds with electronic gadgetry, favouring improvisations over rigid compositions. Kent has composed, recorded, and performed for dance and musical theatre productions, including the award-winning Seni Tiga’s multidisciplinary performance “Impermanence,” (Malaysia) which also won him the awards of the Best Music & Sound Design at the 16th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards 2019. Having been collaborating with Singapore contemporary dance company “The Human Expression (T.H.E) since 2018, Kent was also the music composer and sound designer for “Infinitely Closer” by Kuik Swee Boon and THE Dance Company. Commissioned by da:ns festival 2022, it was also the first public show at Singtel Waterfront Theatre. In 2023, Kent was invited to take part in ITBA (Islands Time Based Art Festival) to present a new solo piece during the Singapore Art Week. Kent is also one part of Shaman Tearoom, a multi-disciplinary art collective exploring the subject matter of stillness and fluxes in life by integrating tea ceremony, sound/music and contemporary art.



Collaborator & performer of <Traditional Failures>

Angel is a Musical Theatre practitioner who is intensely enthusiastic about raising awareness for social causes through story telling and performance. She was a dancer and singer for iCancervive (Danscape, Shahrin Johry and Derek Seong) for two consecutive years, and Lead in Incognito, A Musical (Alzheimer & Disease Association (ADA)) that explores Alzheimer’s and depression. Since then, she went to Lasalle College of the Arts and received performing and directing guidance from directors such as Emily Maltby (Fiddler on the Roof), George Torbay (Urinentown), Nicole Stinton (Spelling Bee), Adam Marple (Henry V), and Nikki Nelson (A Chorus Line). All of them have grown her curiosity and craft in creating performance that speaks volume and depth of various social causes and stigma around us. Upon graduation, She hopes to create and write more theatres that discuss more social issues and challenge the prejudice around them.


Caitlin Chiang

Co-choreographer & performer of <Manifold>

Caitlin started dancing at the age of 7. She graduated with a First-Class Honours, Ba (Hons) Dance (Contemporary) from Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD), Leeds, United Kingdom. Prior to her training at NSCD, she studied at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore, where she attained a Diploma in Dance. Over the years of her dance education, she has been exposed to different forms and styles of training, and has had the opportunity to work with local and international choreographers such as Christina Chan, Kenneth Tan, Ming Poon, Amaury Lebrun, Charlotte Boye-Christensen, Ezekiel Olivera, Yukiko Masui, Alexandrina Hemsley, and Nancy Roberts. In her final year in NSCD, she was selected to perform one of her research choreographies for her graduation performance. Upon graduation, Caitlin has been invited to share her craft with schools such as Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Institute of Technical Education. She has constantly sought different ways to further her craft and share her craft with the upcoming young talents.

Farizi & Ian.png

Farizi, Ian Lee

Music Collaborator of <Manifold>

Full time music producers Farizi and Ian Lee of Panik Records produce a wide range of music ranging from indie to R&B and Hip-hop, working with artists to push the envelope on the music creation scene both locally and regionally.


Jessie Choo

Collaborator & performer of <T A C H>

Jessie is a slave to science by day, dancer by night. Despite her permanent scowl, she’s not really angry (most of the time) and loves the people around her dearly. What she loves even more is to move and dance whenever she gets the chance to. She has performed under D3 Contemporary Dance, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, as well as in Converge Studios. As a lover of both Contemporary dance and Hip Hop, she yearns to one day incorporate the 2 genres within her body to form her own unique way of dance.


Ernest Yim

Collaborator & performer of <T A C H>

Ernest is a beef enjoyer. He studied at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and danced as a potato in various D3 Contemporary Dance recitals across the years. He is unassuming and quiet, but in his heart holds incredible empathy and passion towards serving the community. He secretly aspires to be a jjamppong.


Ellyn Goh

Collaborator & performer of <T A C H>

As an arts programmer, Ellyn strives to make cultures and traditions relevant to youths today by realising exhibitions and programmes. She often ponders on the meaning of life and tends to translate these fireworks-like thoughts into movements, creating something unexpected. Originally from a Chinese dance background, Ellyn has since found solace in expressing herself in contemporary dance. She has performed in various recitals and competitions during her time in D3 Contemporary Dance.


Nah Jiemin

Co-choreographer of <This Appearance>

Jiemin is a Dance Artist with Sigma Contemporary Dance, and also worked on independent projects with both local and overseas choreographers. She is interested to explore contemporary dance-making outside of movement. Outside of dance, Jiemin is a Research Fellow studying Molecular and Cell Biology. She enjoys thinking about the intersections of dance and science, and working through the cohesiveness and contradictions between the two disciplines.

Mel Peh.jpg

Mel Peh

Choreographer & performer of <Traditional Failures>

Mel is an actor, mover and writer who enjoys laughing at her own jokes. She practices Medieval Fencing (HEMA) and Wushu, with a specialty in Nan-Quan. She graduated fromYoung & W!ld acting programme in 2019 and NUS (B.A English Literature/Art History minor) in 2021. Her recent performances include Tartuffe: The Imposter (W!ldRice), Blackout (NUS Stage) and forum theatre piece Ladies’ Night: Our Time to Talk (NAC & Rangbhumi Applied Theatre). Presently, she writes for an art magazine and teaches Wushu.

Stan UCC2.jpg


Music Collaborator of <Traditional Failures>

Stan is a sound designer, composer and theatre-maker. Her music has been used in local productions by W!ld R!ce, Singapore Repertory Theatre and Cake Theatrical Productions. Internationally, she has collaborated with Patch Theatre, The PaperBoats, Sensorium Theatre (Australia), Theatre Gumbo (Japan) and choreographer Dalija Acin Thelander (Serbia). Stan is also the Artistic Director of Kulcha, a music outfit that brings together ethnic instruments like the Pipa, Bansuri, Gambus and Gamelan against a contemporary sonic scape and has performed her music works in Indonesia, Poland and Shanghai.

Ke Xin.png

Neo Ke Xin

Co-choreographer & performer of <Manifold>

Dance has been an integral part of Ke Xin’s life since young. Formally trained in Chinese Dance under Ms Zou Yi, she went on to Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and graduated with a Diploma in Dance. Under NAFA, she had the opportunity to perform and work with various choreographers like, Ezekiel Olivera, Charlotte Boye-Christensen, Richard Chappell and Ming Poon. Ke Xin also had the chance to work with Albert Tiong for a piece commissioned by Esplanade for the Hua Yi festival 2019 and Li Rui Min and Zheng Long for a contemporary Chinese dance piece performed in Macau for the International Youth Dance Festival 2019. She went on to join Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre as a Dance Artiste and also co-choreographed for Emergence 2021. Ke Xin is interested in the possibilities with the human body and the power it has to influence and motivate others.


Neo Jialing

Choreographer of <T A C H>

Neo Jialing is, among many things, an artist, maker, poet, dancer and potato, with a BA(Hons) in Dance from LASALLE College of the Arts. Her works are centred in somatic, lived experiences, wherefrom she strives to create and share safe spaces, transcending atypical notions of dance whether through spoken word or as a moving body. An active educator and creator for young audiences, Jialing helps with the facilitation of programmes and performs on a project-basis, predominantly for Derring-Do Dance along with their Rolypoly Family wing, and The Kueh Tutus.


Cheang Siang Ding

Collaborator & performer of <T A C H>

SD's journey into the world of dance began with D3 Contemporary Dance. He quickly fell in love with the art form and has been dancing ever since. Through his dedication, SD has honed his skills and developed his own unique style. He loves to express himself through movement and has a knack for improvisation, allowing him to let loose and have fun on the dance floor. SD has also been exploring Contact Improvisation by attending festivals in Kuala Lumpur and Thailand, connecting with other dancers and learning new techniques. He sees dance as a way to connect with others and express himself, and he's excited to see where his journey in dance will take him next.


Shirley Woo

Collaborator & performer of <T A C H>

Shirley is an empath who dedicates her energy towards serving the community and has been empowering youths and children through her volunteer works since 2018. She thrives when creating positive impact on the individuals, families and communities she serves. For Shirley, movement/ dance plays an important role as a form of creative self-expression. Her performance credits include various roles in recitals by D3 Contemporary Dance, TRDO, Got To Move (GTM), One Dance Asia and features in dance films.

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