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 Kaleidoscope IV 


27 May, 2023





16:30 & 20:00

There will be a post-show discussion after every work is presented.

[programme duration: approximately 120 min]


Sigma Collective Space






 Artists  [Choreographers] 

[click into the artist images to view their bio.]

Jieying & Jiemin.jpg

Nah Jieying /

Nah Jiemin

Caitlin & Ke Xin.jpg

Caitlin Chiang /

Neo Ke Xin

Mel Peh.jpg

Mel Peh


Neo Jialing


 Sound/ Music Artists 

[click into the artist images to view their bio.]

Kent Lee.jpg

Kent Lee

Farizi & Ian.png

Farizi & Ian Lee

Stan UCC2.jpg



 Programme Line-up 


<This Appearance> Solo

by Artists/

Nah Jieying & Nah Jiemin


Music Collaborator/

Kent Lee



Nah Jieying



As each second flows by, there is an urge to move and express the transient nature of time. The body becomes a vessel for this expression as this dance becomes a personal response to acknowledge the fleeting moments of existence. Through movement, the impermanence of life is embraced and the preciousness of each passing moment is celebrated.

Thanks to:

Sigma Collective Space for having this platform to allow choreographers to experiment and create.
T.H.E Dance Company for the loan of the smoke machine and studio space.

Wesley and Jiemin for your unwavering support with technical and creative feedbacks.


An iteration of the work will also be presented at Open Stage as part of this year's Cont·act Contemporary Dance Festival.


<Traditional Failures>

by Artist & Performer/

Mel Peh


Music Collaborator/



Collaborator/ Performer/




Many of us know firsthand that conventions are governed by boundaries and rules that preserve its beauty. Sometimes, we also know that we are not cut out to fit the mold.

What does failure really look like?





by Artists & Performers/

Caitlin Chiang & Neo Ke Xin


Music Collaborator/

Farizi & Ian Lee



Collection of points forming a certain kind of set.



<T A C H>

by Artist/

Neo Jialing


Collaborators & Performers/

Jessie Choo, Cheang Siang Ding, Ernest Yim, Shirley Woo, Ellyn Goh



Tender And Cautious Hedgehogs

(in a dilemma)


A negotiation of space and idiosyncrasies;

an attempt to find a mean distance we can most tolerably co-exist.


 Open Call for the next edition of Kaleidoscope 

Kaleidoscope V’s residency will be starting from 01 July to 09 December, 2023.

See details for the new residency here.



Follow @sigmacospace on Instagram for updates or email for enquiries.


Notes & Survey


Thank you for supporting Kaleidoscope.IV! 
Your thoughts, comments and feedback will be invaluable to the artists in the next stage of their development. 

Notes to


Artists & Team

Survey by National Arts Council


This programme is supported by:

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