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Adele Goh


Adele is a Singapore-based contemporary dancer and choreographer who works across different formats (live, digital, interactive) of dance performance.


Adele’s movement practice is constantly evolving, but has strong influences from somatic/release-based techniques, Gaga and Flying Low. She sees improvisation as a crucial part of her dance and choreographic practice.


In recent years, she has created, collaborated and performed for different platforms including M1 Contact Contemporary dance Festival (2019, 2020, 2021), Arts in Your Neighbourhood, ArtScience Late at Home and da:ns festival 2020. Some of these works include: “Back of the Bus” (Java Dance Theatre), “Tactility Studies” (Bernice Lee & Chong Gua Khee) and “UNISON” (Adele Goh & Bernice Lee). Adele graduated from Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance. From 2013-2018, she was also a company artist with Frontier Danceland.

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Andy Benjamin Cai


Andy Benjamin Cai started his formal dance training under the direction of Lionel Araya, undergoing a one year intensive scholarship programme. He joined LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts Dance programme in July 2022 and has since performed in all of its graduation productions.

He has also performed the works of international artists Jaime Redfern (Australia), John Mead (John Mead Dance Company), Natalie Weir (australia), Cheng Hsien Fa (Taiwan), Gerard Mosterd (Amsterdamn), Zhang Xiao Xiaong (Taiwan), Swee Boon (T.H.E Dance Company), Caren Carino (USA) and Tammy Wong (Singapore).

He was finalist with the Soul Fusion group in the first local television dance competition, The DanceFloor (2006). He also received a Best Dancer Award in the same competiton.

He has earned his choreography recognition at an early state of his career. In his graduation show Tabula Rasa, he choreographed the piece titled "Out of Shape" was the only student to have his work featured along with other veteran choreographers and his item was later chosen to be preented at TARI 2005 in Malaysia. His choreography won his students numerous Distinction Awards for Singapore Youth Festival.

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Brandon Khoo


Embarking his journey with Chinese dance at Soka Gakkai Malaysia Association at the age of 13. He later joined Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts(NAFA) Diploma in Dance Programme in 2012.


During his studies, Brandon was offered to work with  various dance educators and choreographers. He was part of a dance piece choreographed by Viv Phua Mui Ling that won the Gold Medal in Asia Youth Dance Festival 2013 in Hong Kong.


He was awarded with Best Dancer award in Sprouts Edition 6 that organized by National Art Council (Singapore) and Frontier Danceland. He is also one of a recipient of NAFA scholarship for 2014 and 2015.


He graduated from NAFA in the year of 2015 and joined T.H.E Dance Company(Singapore) in July 2015.

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Chua Chiok Woon


Trained in ballet and contemporary dance, Chiok is a founding member and dance artist of Sigma Contemporary Dance. She has performed and collaborated in works by Hong Guofeng, Jessica Christina (Indonesia), Marcus Foo, Benedict Soh, Christina Chan, and Yeri Anarika (Berlin/ Mexico). Her co-creation has been performed at M1 Offstage 2018, M1 Open Stage 2019, as well as CDE Springboard in Macau and Hong Kong Dance Exchange in 2020. She has also created short works for universities and tertiary institutions.


Aside from dancing and creating, she shares her practice and dance knowledge with children, youths and adults as a freelance dance educator.

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Christina Chan


Born in Singapore, Christina graduated summa cum laude from The Boston Conservatory having previously trained at the New Zealand School of Dance. 

She has worked with artists including Noa Zuk, Stephanie Lake, Sita Ostheimer, Liu Yen Cheng, Matej Kejzar, Gabrielle Nankivell, Byron Perry, Lewis Major, Shahar Binyamini, Wallie Wolfgruber, and more. She has also created her own work for numerous schools and companies including Singapore Dance Theatre and was the rehearsal director at Frontier Danceland from 2012-2016. Her work has taken her has taken all over the world to Australia, Europe, Asia, the USA, Israel, Africa and NewZealand.

Featured in Prestige magazine’s “nation’s brightest 40 under 40, 2013” Christina won the 2015 JCI TOYP outstanding young persons award in the category of cultural achievement. She currently has a collective dancemeasheep with French Artist Aymeric Bichon.

Christina is also a resident choreographer at Sigma Contemporary Dance.


Eunice Wee


Eunice Wee started dancing in Republic Polytechnic's Modern Dance Interest Group under the guidance of Zaini Tahir and Marcus Foo in 2008, performing in its annual concerts Momentum and Muse.


She joined the NUS Dance Ensemble as an associate member in 2010, participating in their concerts, Evocation and The Next Wave.


She was with Universal Studios Singapore as a Parade Performer for 5 years.


Eunice joined T.H.E Second Company in 2011, and has since performed in the Singapore Writers Festival 2010, MyDance Festival, LiTHE, T.H.E's 5th anniversary Bedfellows, the Singapore:Inside Out showcase for the Beijing, New York and Singapore legs.

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Hong Guofeng


Guofeng Hong is currently the artistic director of Sigma Contemporary Dance and SMU Indancity. His works have been showcased in local arts festival such as M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival and SMU Arts Festival and to international dance festivals such as Sibu International Dance Festival, Dance Circus and Blossom Arts Festival. He creates works based on the ongoing development of his movement and choreographic practices and The Straits Times and Arts Equator have described his works as “compelling”, “slick”, “immersive” and “clever”.


In 2019, he created a work with long-time collaborator Chiok Woon, which has been showcased in M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival and invited to perform in Hong Kong Dance Exchange and Macau CDE Springboard. He is constantly exploring different ways of presenting contemporary dance to the audience, such as Dock 65, a full length piece using Esplanade Park as an outdoor theatre, Survei:ance, a Zoom performance, and Hypnagogia, a 360 site specific performance with 360 sound. As he continues to refines his practice, he hopes to share his findings with people curious about art and the moving body.

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Nah Jiemin


Jiemin is currently a Dance Artist with Sigma Contemporary Dance, and also worked on independent projects with both local and overseas choreographers. Previous dance projects she participated in include Dance In Situ - Being (2016) by Zhuo Zihao, Dance In Situ – Yours Usefully (2017) by Marcus Foo, NUS Arts Festival - Overdrive II (2015) and Overdrive III (2016) by Ricky Hu and Dancing with Death (2016) by Pichet Klunchun. She was a participant in Maya Dance Theatre’s MOVE programme in 2016 and presented her work as part of Release 6.0: In-Bloom (2017).


She is also involved in choreographing and performing with Chinese dance companies locally, including projects with NUS Chinese Dance, and Xin Yi Dance Company. She also heads Elements Dance Arts, a local Chinese dance collective, focusing on exploring Chinese Dance for the contemporary audience.


Outside of dance, Jiemin is a Research Fellow studying Molecular and Cell Biology at DUKE-NUS. She enjoys thinking about the intersections of dance and science, and working through the cohesiveness and contradictions between the two disciplines.

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Joy Wang


Joy Wang started dancing at the age of 6 and picked up different genres of dance - Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Hip hop, and Chinese dance. At 16 years of age, she entered the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance to further pursue her dance training. Here she graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Ballet and Contemporary Dance. Whilst at Rambert, she worked with renowned choreographers and performed pieces by Kerry Nicholls, Ross McKim, Martha Graham, and Kenneth MacMillian. In 2011, she was chosen to tour with the Rambert Dance Company, performing Itzik Galili’s A Linha Curva.


After graduating from Rambert School in 2012, she joined the Danish Dance Theatre as an apprentice, then as a dancer. In July 2014, she graduated with a Masters Degree with Distinction in Contemporary Dance from the London School of Contemporary Dance. 

From 2014 to 2018, Joy was a full-time dancer, rehearsal coordinator, and PULSE coordinator at Frontier Danceland, a contemporary dance company based in Singapore.


Here she worked with many local and international choreographers and dancers from Israel, Taiwan, Korea, France, Spain, Australia, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Denmark. 


Joy completed her Professional Dancer Teaching Diploma from the Royal Academy of Dance in August 2018.

As an independent artist, she performed in a piece titled ‘HereThere’ by Ahn Aesoon in Korea with Asia Dance Company in 2018 & 2019.


Apart from being an independent artist, Joy is currently teaching Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap, and Contemporary dance at a private dance school called Dance Spectrum International.

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Kimmie Cumming


Kimmie previously performed with Dance Company Nanine Linning in Germany and, as a Project Dancer, with T.H.E Dance Company and T.H.E Second Company.


Kimmie majored in contemporary dance at Taipei National University of the Arts. During her third year in Taiwan, she competed in the Taiwan Dance Choreography Competition and receive honourable mention for her work ‘The Current Situation’.


After graduating Kimmie competed in the 2018 Seoul International Dance Competition in Korea and emerged a semi finalist.


Marcus Foo


Born and trained in Singapore, Marcus started his formal dance training in 2001 at LASALLE College of the Arts under the tutelage of Dr. Caren Carino, Ravenna Tucker and Jaime Redfern.  Notable performances in LASALLE include works by Rachel Berman (The Paul Taylor Dance Company) and Darryl Thomas (Pilobolus Dance Theatre).


Upon graduating from LASALLE in 2004, Marcus became a member of the L.A. Dance Connection Performance Company directed by Lionel Araya and later a project dancer with John Mead Dance Company between 2007-09.


From the period of 2010 – 2015 he started performing with The Human Expression (T.H.E) Second Company. His performances with T.H.E includes As It Fades (2014), The Singapore Writer’s Festival 2012, Bedfellows (2013) and M1 CONTACT Dance Festival 2010 – 2014. In recent years, Marcus began taking on the role of a choreographer. International collaborative efforts include works for BIENNALE des DANSES des SEYCHELLES with Parisian dancer Jimmy Vairon and the Seoul Performing Arts Festival 2014 with Korean dancer Jin Byoung Cheol.


In the fall of 2015, Marcus embarked on his postgraduate studies at The Place, London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS). During his studies, he presented a solo work in Hong Kong for the 5th Contemporary Dance Asian Male showcase presented by E-Side Dance Company and was a dancer for British choreographer Joe Moran, in his residency at the Delfina Foundation, London. In 2017, Marcus successfully completed his postgraduate studies at LCDS and graduated with a Master of Arts degree from the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK.

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Chia Poh Hian


Drawn to experiences that provoke sensibilities of the human body, mind, and spirit,  Poh Hian is a lover of improvisation. She believes in expressing herself through artful mediums and creating safe spaces for meaningful exchanges.


A recipient of the Singapore National Arts Council Scholarship (Overseas) and Peggy Hawkins Scholarship Fund Award, Poh Hian graduated from London Contemporary Dance School in 2013.


Previously a dance artist with The Human Expression(T.H.E) Dance Company, she has toured and performed at both local and international venues across Europe and Asia, collaborating across disciplines at festivals such as the City of London Festival, Beijing Dance Festival, and Yokohoma Dance Collection.


Drawing from her experiences under the guidance of artists Chisato Ohno, Rick Nodine, Iratxe Ansa, Kim Jae Duk & Kuik Swee Boon, Poh Hian hopes to move the bodies, hearts, and minds of her community, empowering each other to live, laugh and love a little more each day.

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Sammantha Yue


Sammantha attained a Diploma in Dance (2014) and graduated with a BA First Class Honours in Dance (2016) from LASALLE COLLEGE OF THE ARTS.

At LASALLE, she has danced in works by local and overseas choreographers such as Foo Yun Ying, Chiew Pei Shan, Yarra Ileto, Simona Cieri, Wu Yi-San and Susan Buirge. Besides performing, Samm created Introspective (2015, LASALLE) and Tussel (2015, NTU Contemp{minated}).

Sammantha is currently a full time Company dancer with Frontier Danceland. Since joining the company in 2016, she has worked with both local and international choreographers. Sammantha has also made choreographic works such as Monday Blues (2017), Womxn (2017), ≈ 1.618 (2018) and Click (2019).


Her most recent creation is a dance film Here today, gone tomorrow (2020), screened
as part of Frontier Danceland’s Dancers’ Locker 2020. Samm was also Frontier Danceland's M1 PUSLE Programme Coordinator 19/20, a dance training platform for students.


As an artist, Samm aims to be a versatile dancer who is always exploring and never afraid to experiment.

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