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Redwan Hamzah

Redwan Hamzah is a musician, composer and educator.

Interfacing with different disciplines as a composer and in an improvisatory context, he has been composing music for dance productions and short films, which include Dock 65 (Hong Guofeng, Christina Chan and Sigma Contemporary Dance Company) and Stolen Dance (Translucent Bodies). 

In his works, he bridges explorations of his Javanese roots and the organic and synthetic with a search for balance between harmony, melody and technology.

As guitar player/writer for artistes such as Sezairi, Tim De Cotta and Din Ilango, his musical experiences have allowed him to grace stages all over; ASEAN-IMF (India), Laneway, Baybeats, Shine, Ignite!, Earth Hour, Music Matters, Streetfest.  

He is a member of instrumental band still, and music and movement improv ensemble Great Pants. Redwan is also a co-founder of Insyncsg, a music education company.

Matt Raham

Matt is never shy about his self-taught background in percussion. He always has a clean groove in his veins, no matter the genre. 
He made his rounds as a performer through the Geylang Ska Syndicate, playing on several of their live shows since 2018. Recently, he performed with them in Muzika Extra Extravaganza 2019 and Singapura Live 3.0 2019. Most notably, he played at  the Esplanade with the Geylang Ska Syndicate for numerous times, along with a horns section ensemble.

Another circuit Matt runs in is the Geylang Afro-Rock, even recording a live E.P.  under Kribo Records with them. It's a local band with credentials in both the mainstream and the underground circuit. He has performed at Esplanade with Geylang Afro-Rock several times, where the funky, psychedelic band frequently improvises during live performances. 

Matt is also a mainstay in Bushmen, one of Singapore's top reggae bands that has been performing since 1994. He first played with them at the beginning of 2019.  Now, you can find him jamming with them every first Sunday of the month at the Hard Rock Café. 

Prominent names in Singapore's entertainment scene soon took note. He has  performed on numerous occasions for Mediacorp actress and singer Huda Hamzah, a fixture on the Suria channel. Matt also recorded a couple of drum tracks for fixtures  in the local music scene, such as Man Toyak, Hamzah Adon, and numerous others. 

Today, he's found a new passion for sharing the gift of music. Matt has been teaching at AOR for over 8 years. In 2020, he started his own YouTube channel. There, he crafts original drum tutorials, paring down the basics with a fresh spin.


Luqman Hakim

Luqman Hakim is an individual whose work spans the fields of auditory and visual performances, using sounds, movement, and music as primary mediums. A reflective artist, Luqman dives his time on the study of nature and its ever evolving reaction to human nature. His work explores culture, social, and 

psychological observations through sound. 

His exploration of music is carried out through his work in bands and collectives - mux, still, Great Pants and B-Quartet. His works include compositions for Perspektif’s Cityscape Singapore. He has also presented work in festivals including Singapore Writer’s Festival, Singapore Fringe Festival, Singapore Night Festival, Esplanade Sonic City, Mosaic Music Festival, and Esplanade da:ns Festival.

These musical explorations have brought him to create sounds for other live performing arts mediums. He has composed and collaborated with some of Singapore’s major theatre companies, creating music and soundscapes for Kkenang (Teater Ekamatra), Esplanade - Narratives, Scope #7, and Vermillion (diskodanny).

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