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This 12.ance, we bring to you the essence of human experience and unity through Embodied Connections. Join us as we explore the connections we share with our physical bodies, our communities, and the art of movement.

Dedicate 2.5 hours to immersive exploration and interactive workshops focused on personal movement and collaborative experiences.


Discover diverse movement techniques with our dynamic team of instructors. Each 1.5-hour class ends with a new movement phrase, but above all, savor the joy of dance!


Challenge your physicality and explore your artistic exploration during a 6-day Dance Intensive led by Sigma's resident choreographer Christina Chan.


Experience 1.5 hours of spontaneous and unscripted improvisation with fellow creatives from various backgrounds.


Catch a vibrant mix of new works by seasoned and emerging artists, the crowd-favourite improvised music and dance performance, Unsound.Bodies Unplugged and more in a cosy an intimate setting of a studio.


About 12.ance Festival

12.ance Festival, is a contemporary dance festival held in Singapore every year in December. It is a festival that brings together a community of devoted practitioners and accomplished artists in the realms of contemporary dance, movement, and performance art.

United by our commitment to the continuous refinement of our craft and the joy of sharing our practice, we invite you to experience the diverse landscape of movement and dance.

Over the first three weeks of December, we invite you to immerse yourself in a rigorous exploration of the art of dance though our curated intensives, workshops, classes, jams, and one-of-a-kind performances by artists, both seasoned and young, in the intimate setting of the studio.

With activities for the curious and movement-loving dancer in all of you, we welcome you to join us and be part of the ever-evolving narrative of movement and artistic celebration.

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