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Hong Guofeng

Body History Workshop Artist

Efficient Release & Control Class Artist

Guofeng Hong serves as the Artistic Director of Sigma Contemporary Dance and SMU Indancity. He has contributed to the extensive body of work for Sigma Contemporary Dance since its inception, establishing Sigma's distinct identity in the local dance scene. His novel approach to choreography has driven him to create innovative pieces that extend beyond conventional stages. Notably, his portfolio includes site-specific performances at Dock 65 within the Esplanade Park, as well as a well-received online production titled "Survei:ance", which was fully conceived and executed on Zoom, and subsequently streamed via Facebook Live. His choreographic creations have been featured in prominent local arts festivals, such as the M1 Contact Festival and the SMU Arts Festival, as well as international dance festivals, including the Sibu International Dance Festival, Dance Circus, and the Blossom Arts Festival. Sources like The Straits Times and Arts Equator, have described his works as "compelling," "immersive," and "clever." In 2019, he collaborated with long-time partner Chua Chiok Woon to produce a duet that premiered in Singapore, and invited to perform in arts festivals in Hong Kong, Macau and Indonesia. Guofeng Hong actively shares his ongoing movement practice with young adults and working professionals through workshops and master classes, both domestically and abroad and has been invited to create works for many local institutions. Most recently, he spearheaded a collective called “Unsound.Bodies", dedicated to exploring innovative collaborations across multi-disciplinary elements.


Chua Chiok Woon

The Dance Within Your Body Class Artist

Intro to Contemp Class Artist

Chiok Woon is one of the founding members and a performing dance artist with Sigma Contemporary Dance, an independent dance collective based in Singapore. She has worked closely with local artists such as Hong Guofeng, Christina Chan, and Marcus Foo, as well as international artists like Jessica Christina from Indonesia and Yeri Anarika from Berlin/Mexico. Her recent collaborative project, "Honey Bee And The Dandelion," was performed both locally and internationally, including at M1 Open Stage 2019 (Contact Contemporary Dance Festival, Singapore), CDE Springboard in Macau, and the Hong Kong Dance Exchange in 2020. Aside from her performances and creative work, Chiok Woon shares her dance knowledge and practice with individuals of all ages as a freelance dance educator.


Daniel Navarro Lorenzo (ESP)

Release & Limón Class Artist

Daniel was born in Barcelona. After graduating from the professional Conservatoire of Dance of Barcelona, Institut del Teatre in 2010, He has danced with companies such as Frontier Danceland (Singapore), Éowyn Emerald and Dancers(UK) Y-Space (Hong Kong), Nunzio Impellizzeri Dance Company (Switzerland), Simba Dance Ensamble (Norway), Phoenix Dance Theatre (UK), White & Givan (UK), Polish Dance Theatre (Poland), Dantzaz Konpainia (Spain), Compagnie Ballet Junior Epsedanse (France) among others. Daniel has worked with choreographers such as Ohad Naharin, Itzik Galili, Jo Strømgren, Lukáš Timulak, Eric Gauthier, Ramón Oller, Claude Brumachon, Thoma Lebrun, Shahar Binyamini, Thierry Malandine, Patricia Lent, Errol White, Gabrielle Nankivell, and others. Choreographic Awards: -2020, Audience Choice Award at WildDogs Intl Screendance Festival, Calgary, Canada. -2011, L'Estruch award, LAVA award, and finalist of the 10th Choreographic Competition of Burgos- NewYork. -2010, 1st award in the I Delmar Choreographic Award of María Carbonell in Valencia, Spain.

YONG WEN_2x_edited.png

Li Yong Wei (Yeong Wen Lee)

Philosophical Approach To Improv Practice Workshop Artist

Yong Wei (Yeong) began his dance training in ballet, followed by contemporary dance, in Singapore, which led him to further his studies of movement in Arizona State University (ASU). Since graduating from ASU in 2010 with an Outstanding Graduate Student Creative Work Award and a Distinguished Teacher Award, he has continued his practice and sharing of dance/movement in diverse environments.

 Yong Wei (Yeong) has also facilitated dance/movement workshops at King’s Academy, Jordan (2009), Arizona Dance Education Organization, Phoenix, Arizona (2010), America College Dance Festival, Tempe, Arizona (2010), International Dance Festival in Ilan, Taiwan (2011), Contact Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2012, 2013), Mission Improvable Festival, Buffalo, New York (2012), Beijing Dance Academy (2015), and Toronto (2016).

 In Singapore, Yong Wei (Yeong) also conducts dance/movement workshops at O’Joy Care Center (part of the Health Oriented Ageing programme), Memories Café (Project by Alzheimer’s Disease Association), Greentree Montessori (a Creative Movement Class) and Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts (Teaching Improvisation and Contact Improvisation). He occasionally organizes and facilitates intensive workshops to deepen his research and study of dance/movement.

Headshot (4)_edited.jpg

Fagan Cheong

Purposeful Play - Discovering the Parkour Mindset 

Workshop Artist

Fagan is a parkour practitioner and movement enthusiast, with firm foundations in Art Du Deplacement (globally recognised as Parkour) since 2003, and is also an internationally recognised A.D.A.P.T Level 3 Art Du Deplacement and Parkour Master Coach. Blessed with golden opportunities to coach in several countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea and France, he has dedicated his career to sharing his multidisciplinary experience in an effort to make movement learning more accessible to others. Heavily influenced by the philosophies and training approaches of Kali Majapahit Martial Arts, Recognise & Escape Danger, Yamakasi, Ido Portal, Fighting Monkey and MovNat, Fagan strives to continue inspiring others to discover their fullest potential through the exploration of movement. He believes that one can experience personal transformation through a physical movement practice. Fagan is currently exploring the intersection between martial arts, self-defense, personal safety and parkour, where all the lines seem to point towards surviving something like a zombie apocalypse. "Practice happens at the edge of your ability; Play happens at the core of your competence."


Ng Jing Wen

Lyrical Contemporary Class Artist

Jingwen has been dancing for 20 years, and has been working as a professional dancer for 8 years. She graduated with a diploma in dance from LASALLE- College of the Arts and has been trained in multiple genres of dance. Jingwen uses the versatility of the different dance forms she has learned to create her own and has won multiple competitions locally and internationally both in the freestyle and showcase category. She also loves teaching and is an accomplished teacher in many ways. She produces results, grows resilience and helps her students to always strive to do their best



The Passive Movement Practice Workshop Artist

Ya-Chun is a freelance dancer and artist from Tainan, Taiwan. Most recently she was a rehearsal assistant for the project ‘Bolero In Kaohsiung’ 2022~2023 in Weiwuying. -- "In the process of repositioning myself, dance and performance serve as the driftwood of my transient life, encountered on the journey where I cross paths with various forms of artistic expression. Continuously, I use my body to record the corresponding messages between the inner and outer environment, eagerly anticipating collisions and resonances with the unknown." Current collaborations created with body and perform ---- Quanta Arts Theatre NO.6《A Lucid Dream Performance》Cross-border theatre、Music video production《Formosa Whispering 2.0》curated by Chun-Hau,KU、 Short dance film work 《Tunnel:In Quarantine》co-produced by SSUNRICE STUDIO and JUBY CHIU STUDIO、Fashion designer JUBY CHIU’s new season exhibition《因為相愛所以無限JUBY CHIU 2021 S/S Cross-border costume performance》、 Almost Fiction Production《Reenactment in the Found Footage》.

headshot bnw (1).jpg


Balance In Motion Class Artist

Ivan is a performing Artist based in Singapore and currently dancing with Singapore Ballet. He graduated from the New Zealand School of Dance, prior to that, Ivan studied and trained at School of The Arts Singapore. His movement research seeks to fuse his different dance trainings together to create new vocabulary from Ballet, Contemporary, Hip hop and freestyle.


Eugenia S. Kim (US)

Kaleidoscope V Choreographer & Performer

"A Constantly Recurring Night"

Eugenia S. Kim (USA) is a transdisciplinary practice-based researcher based in Singapore who uses movement and multimedia technology to create narratives. She holds a PhD in Creative Media from the City University of Hong Kong, MS in Information Science from University at Albany, and BS in Electronic Media, Arts and Communications from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Her doctoral research proposed the use of dance and somatic movement practices, motion capture and virtual reality (VR) for creating illness narratives about bipolar disorder. From 2001-2017, she mainly created and performed in live dance works for the stage before switching her focus to motion capture, VR, and the metaverse. She was also a digital archivist/ humanist/ librarian from 2011-2016 with a focus on digital dance preservation. She is director of Leonardo21 and OmniLucenti; an editorial team member of the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices; a member of the Somatic Practices and Chronic Pain Network (SPCPN) in the UK; an artist with the Augmented Materiality Lab in HK; and a member of the artengine international collective.

Neo Hai Bin headshot 2_edited.jpg

Neo Hai Bin

Kaleidoscope V Choreographer & Performer


Hai Bin is a performance maker. He began his theatre debut with Drama Box in 2009, and studied actor’s training practices with SCOT (Summer intensive 2014, Japan) and SITI Company (Summer Workshop 2019, NYC). His literary practice involves research works in social issues and the human condition, he writes scripts, poems, prose, critiques, and short stories, which are mainly published in Lianhe Zaobao. Some of his physical theatre works are Being:息在 (M1 Fringe Festival 2022), Transit步 (Esplanade Exchange 2023)。 He is part of the theatre reviewers team “劇讀:thea.preter” since 2017. He also co-founded “微.Wei Collective” with lighting designer Liu Yong Huay, creating spatial experiences for participants. His published works include《房間絮語》and《大海的人》, and his writings can be found at:

Headshot 2 - Lisa Chearles_edited.jpg

Lisa Chearles (SG/UK)

Kaleidoscope V Choreographer & Performer

"Where Sleeping Dogs Lie"

Lisa Chearles is a Singaporean dance artist based in Manchester. She completed her undergraduate studies at Northern School of Contemporary Dance and has since performed in the outdoor productions Mayfly, the album: skool edition and Out Of The Deep Blue with Kapow Dance Circus Theatre, SAY and Autin Dance Theatre, touring to festivals in the UK. Lisa is also a devising performer for Discopia by Excessive Human Collective, Saving Face, a hip hop dance theatre performance by Si Rawlinson, Look Up Look Out by Sophie Nüzel as well Us by Cathy Waller Company, for film and stage. Lisa directed a short dance film, Jericho, which has been featured as part of erms?extravaganza, a multi disciplinary online festival, and Stre@m, the digital dance platform hosted by The Human Expression and Seoul International Dance Festival.


Brannon Yau (UK)

Kaleidoscope V Filmmaker

"Where Sleeping Dogs Lie"

Brannon is a freelance filmmaker/dancer based in Leeds UK. After completing his undergraduate studies at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, he has performed in the production of ‘Civilisation’ with Antlers Theatre touring internationally. Brannon has also worked as a freelance filmmaker working with numerous companies and choreographers such as Company Nil, Shelley Eva Haden, Northern Rascals, Si Rawlinson and East London Dance. Brannon is also the Co-Founder for the dance film production YDT Studios and has recently directed and filmed a 10 Episode dance series - ‘OMNI’


Derrick Tay

Unsound.Bodies Unplugged Music Artist

Derrick Tay is a multifaceted performing arts artist who deftly weaves emotion and connection into his work, leaving an indelible mark on his audiences. With a deep commitment to "planting seeds" of inspiration in the hearts of those who experience his art, Derrick employs an array of mediums to craft his unique performances. His voice serves as a versatile instrument, as he effortlessly traverses through various genres, sounds, and sonic landscapes. Beyond vocal artistry, Derrick showcases his talent through a rich tapestry of musical instruments, including Chinese and Indonesian ethnic flutes, singing bowls, gongs, and more. His formal training encompasses music vocal teaching, performing arts, and theater, providing a solid foundation for his artistic endeavors. Derrick's expertise extends beyond the boundaries of performance, encompassing traditional dance forms like Balinese Baris Dance and Kathak. This diverse skill set enriches his artistry, enabling him to create immersive, culturally resonant experiences. Notably, Derrick is a co-founder of SainouSpace, a visionary creative studio specializing in storytelling through the arts. Through this venture, he and his colleagues transform narratives into captivating performances, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation. In summary, Derrick Tay is a dynamic and innovative performing artist, whose work transcends artistic boundaries and evokes profound emotions, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the privilege of witnessing his creative expressions.

Subastian Tan_edited.jpg

Subastian Tan

Unsound.Bodies Unplugged Dance Artist

Subastian is a graduate from Singapore Management University (SMU) with a degree in Social Sciences (Psychology). Since 2016, he has been a dancer at Maya Dance Theatre (MDT), performing for productions such as Anwesha: Beyond The Darkness and Pancha: Flowers Don't Bloom All The Time which address social issues through dance theatre. Most recently, he performed for Puffing Bodies, a collaboration with German artists from IP Tanz, presenting the work in Germany and then in Singapore as a site-specific work. He was also the programme leader of Diverse Abilities Dance Collective (DADC) from 2019 - 2022, a community initiative by MDT started in 2018 which provides a semi-professional platform for persons of all abilities. Subastian led the team through its first production, Speaking With Hands, which featured new works by guest choreographer Liz Lea from Canberra, Australia. Subsequently, he performed with the team for Saarang Festival in Chennai, India in January 2020. Through his craft, Subastian aims to connect across cultures and abilities to reflect lived experiences, and provide a safe space for conversation and introspection. His experiences have also inspired him to inculcate a personal interest in exploring how tradition can influence his interest in dance forms like Hip Hop. Subastian is currently carrying out a personal project, Project Kinaesthesia, which is a movement aimed at reflecting human stories through collaborations between artists inspired by street art forms across different disciplines.

Jeffrey Tan_edited.jpg

Jeffrey Tan

Unsound.Bodies Unplugged Music Artist

Jeffrey Tan is a music producer, composer and performer based in Singapore. He has developed a huge palette of sound having produced and written for artists of various disciplines. He aspires to create music geared towards artistic pursuits that also encompasses commercial sensibility. Some of the artists he has worked with includes Flame Of The Forest, Richie El and Norman Yeo. Most recently, he produced Astronauts’ single collaboration with Thai artist Lukpeach titled “Peanut Butter Cracker” and currently oversees the band’s live performances as their music director. Jeffrey is a frequent collaborator among artists from the musical theatre and dance industry. He has produced and written music for Sharin Johry’s dance film “A Phase In The Sun”, telling a story of 8 individuals and their mental health journey through music and dance. In addition, Jeff continues to work closely with various theatre groups such as Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre, Maya Dance Theatre and Bayang Troupe. As a composer, Jeffrey started his journey under the mentorship of jazz composer Felix Phang. He has since written for various groups such as the Litmus Jazz Ensemble, a collective formed with a vision to feature and foster the creation of new Singaporean jazz compositions. Also the violinist of the Ensemble, he has performed and presented his works at Esplanade’s "All Things New” and “Jazz In July”. Jeffrey is also the music director and violinist of the fusion music group Flame Of The Forest and has toured with the group in Japan, India and across Southeast Asia. He has also played for various local artists and producers such as Shabir, Joshua Simon, Bitty, Kailin Yong, Adam Lee and George Leong.


Christina Chan

Repertoire Workshop Artist

12.ance Intensive Facilitator & Director

Kaleidoscope V Choreography Mentor

"Where Sleeping Dogs Lie"

Born in Singapore, Christina studied at The Boston Conservatory was awarded the prestigious Arthur B. Whitney Medal for highest scholastic achievement after previously training at The New Zealand School of Dance. Her work in dance has taken her around the world, to Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, the UK and Africa; working with artists including Noa Zuk, Stephanie Lake, Sita Ostheimer, Byron Perry, Liu Yen Cheng, Matej Kejzar, Stephanie Batten Bland, Shahar Binyamini, Wallie Wolfgruber, Gabrielle Nankivell, Victor Fung, Lewis Major, Russell Maliphant, Aymeric Bichon and more. At home, Christina has been working with Singapore Ballet/Singapore Dance Theatre, since 2011, creating 7 repertory works for the company for company seasons and festivals Dans Fest and Sifa. She was previously a full-time artist and the rehearsal director at Frontier Danceland where she created numerous repertory works. She has also created work for NAFA, Lasalle and Sigma Contemporary Dance, where she is currently a resident choreographer. Featured as “upcoming dance artist of the year to watch” in 2012 by local newspaper Lianhe Zaobao and in Prestige magazine’s “nation’s brightest 40 under 40, 2013”, Christina was also a National Arts Council Scholarship recipient from 2005-2010 and a recipient of the Julie Ince Thompson Scholarship as well as a Merit Scholarship from The Boston Conservatory. She was the winner of local national choreographic competition Sprouts 2011 and "Best Dancer" in Sprouts 2012. Christina was also the Honouree in the 2015 JCI TOYP outstanding young persons award in the category of cultural achievement.

Ke Xin.jpg

Neo Ke Xin

Contemporary Chinese Dance Class Artist

Unsound.Bodies Unplugged Dance Artist

Dance has been an integral part of Ke Xin’s life since young. Formally trained in Chinese Dance under Ms Zou Yi, she went on to Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and graduated with a Diploma in Dance. Under NAFA, she had the opportunity to perform and work with various choreographers like, Ezekiel Olivera, Charlotte Boye-Christensen, Richard Chappell and Ming Poon. Ke Xin also had the chance to work with Albert Tiong for a piece commissioned by Esplanade for the Hua Yi festival 2019 and Li Rui Min and Zheng Long for a contemporary Chinese dance piece performed in Macau for the International Youth Dance Festival 2019. She went on to join Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre as a Dance Artiste and also co-choreographed for Emergence 2021. Ke Xin is interested in the possibilities with the human body and the power it has to influence and motivate others.

_DSC7440a (2)_edited.png

Marcus Foo

Floor Progressions Class Artist

Marcus studied dance at London Contemporary Dance School, LASALLE College of the Arts and is a Master of Arts graduate and Diploma in dance graduate. As a dancer, he has performed with the LADC Performance Company and T.H.E Second Company. As a choreographer, Marcus has showcased works at T.H.E Contact Festival Singapore, Seoul Performing Arts Festival, BIENNALE des DANSES des SEYCHELLES, DANCE-PORT TOKYO 2018. Marcus has taught contemporary dance technique classes for Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and LASALLE College of the Arts, School of the Arts Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Republic Polytechnic.

Felicia Lim_edited.jpg

Felicia Lim

Rolling Pathways Class Artist

Felicia is a movement practitioner. Her interest in movement led her to pursue dance education at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and SUNY Purchase College, where she graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art (Dance) in 2015. She also has a yoga teaching certificate from Samyak Yoga and has taught in several yoga studios. Since 2020, she wanted to explore being in the outdoor environment and has done it mostly through open water swimming. She has since swam in several long distance open water events around Asia, and coaches swimming to people of different ages and abilities. She is a certified Total Immersion swim coach. Movement and the human spirit is at the heart of what she does and she is grateful to be able to share that through different mediums.

Zu You headshot_edited.jpg

Ng Zu You

Awareness, Control & Play Class Artist

Zu You started dance at the age of 13, gaining exposure to various genres of dance such as Chinese dance, contemporary dance and ballet. To further pursue his passion, he enrolled in LASALLE College of Arts, graduating with a Diploma in Dance in 2010. He performed in the 2011 edition of Sprouts, organised by the National Art Council and Frontier Danceland, and received the Best Dancer award. Zu You went on to complete his Bachelor of Arts in Dance at Taipei University of Arts. Upon graduation in 2017, he was a dance artist with T.H.E Dance Company till 2022, working with international choreographers including Kim Jae Duk, Rudi Cole and Julia Robert Pares (HUMANHOOD), Dimo Kirilov, and Jos Baker.

Timothy (Temp).png

Timothy Ng

Contemporary Ballet Class Artist

Timothy is professional ballet dancer with Singapore Ballet and he has worked with quite a few reputable and skilled choreographers and he would like to pass on some of the things he has learned about balletic movement in a contemporary style to the community.

Yen-Fang edited.png

Yen-Fang, Yu

Contact Improvisation Workshop Artist

Yen-Fang is a choreographer, performer, improviser, and dance instructor from Taiwan. Since 2001, Yen-Fang has choreographed, collaborated and performed with companies and individual performing artists in Asia, the U.S. and Europe. In 2011, Yu returned to her home country, Taiwan, to continue exploration as a performing artist. In 2013, she initiated a research project entitled: Project MuoMuo. With a collective of young, emerging artists from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, they work to develop an artistic voice that is poetic, specific, and accessible to the audience from her home country and abroad. In recent years, She has returned to focus on her development as an individual artist. Since then she has been involved in international creative projects in Europe and the U.S. As a teacher, she teaches improvisation, contact improvisation and choreography domestically and in the world to professionals and non- professionals. Amongst them, Muo-muo workshop for people of all level and all ages since 2018 and at Taipei National University of the Arts and Taipei City University for dance major and MFA students. She has also been hosting Global Underscore Practice in Taipei every year since 2018.

Andy Cai_edited.jpg

Andy Benjamin Cai

Contemporary Jazz Class Artist

Andy Benjamin Cai started his formal dance training under the direction of Lionel Araya, undergoing a one year intensive scholarship programme. He joined LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts Dance programme in July 2022 and has since performed in all of its graduation productions. ​ He has also performed the works of international artists Jaime Redfern (Australia), John Mead (John Mead Dance Company), Natalie Weir (australia), Cheng Hsien Fa (Taiwan), Gerard Mosterd (Amsterdamn), Zhang Xiao Xiaong (Taiwan), Swee Boon (T.H.E Dance Company), Caren Carino (USA) and Tammy Wong (Singapore). ​ He was finalist with the Soul Fusion group in the first local television dance competition, The DanceFloor (2006). He also received a Best Dancer Award in the same competiton. ​ He has earned his choreography recognition at an early state of his career. In his graduation show Tabula Rasa, he choreographed the piece titled "Out of Shape" was the only student to have his work featured along with other veteran choreographers and his item was later chosen to be preented at TARI 2005 in Malaysia. His choreography won his students numerous Distinction Awards for Singapore Youth Festival.

Head Shot_Chiew Peishan_Photo Credit - Bernie Ng, Courtesy of Esplanade - Theatres on the

Chiew Peishan

Kaleidoscope V Choreography Mentor

"A Constantly Recurring Night"

Peishan is a dance artist and choreographer. She graduated with a Master of Arts in Contemporary Dance (Distinction) from London Contemporary Dance School, with the support of National Arts Council Arts Scholarship (Overseas). She attained a Diploma in Dance from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2007, following her graduation from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor of Accountancy in 2004. She was an artist (2007 to 2011) and assistant artistic director (2020 to 2023) with Frontier Danceland, and manager, associate artistic director, artist with RAW Moves (2013 to 2016). Her practice is informed by life, where she draws from lived experiences to craft autobiographical fiction. Engaging the body as the central medium, her works explore the connections and tensions between reality and imagination, and situate in the in-between of subjective truth and inventive representation. Peishan has created for Frontier Danceland, Re: Dance Theatre, The Human Expression (T.H.E) Second Company, RAW Moves, Dance in Situ, as well as LASALLE College of the Arts, School of the Arts Singapore, Singapore Management University and National University of Singapore. Her works have been presented in Esplanade da:ns festival and M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival in Singapore, as well as in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan. Her co-creation of dance film, Am I Here?, was an Esplanade Huayi - Chinese Festival of the Arts 2023, Dance en Scene commission. As an educator, Peishan has lectured at LASALLE College of the Arts, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and School of the Arts Singapore.

GOH Shou Yi Headshot by TAN Ngiap Heng.jpg

Goh Shou Yi

Kaleidoscope V Collaborator & Choreography Mentor


A Movement Artist, Choreographer, Interdisciplinary Collaborator and an Educator, Goh Shou Yi’s curiousity has empowered him to embrace a multitude of roles. Shou Yi has been actively collaborating with both local and international artists to create and present dance choreographies and performances in various platforms & festivals. Fascinated by the relationship between the body and society, Shou Yi is fervently driven to explore this profound relationship through a multifaceted lens. He actively collaborates across diverse interdisciplinary fields to contribute significantly in this exploration.

Photo by Frontier Danceland.JPG

Sammantha Yue

Kaleidoscope V Collaborator & Performer

"Where Sleeping Dogs Lie"

"My art is living in itself — the starting point of my practice often stems from curiosity and personal experiences. I am interested in the roles the body can play and evolve through different grounds of practices." Sammantha is an artist, performer as well as a certified yoga instructor. She attained a Diploma in Dance (2014) and graduated with a BA First Class Honors in Dance (2016) from LASALLE College of the Arts. From 2016 to 2023, Samm was a full time artist with Frontier Danceland where she worked and collaborated with local and international choreographers including artistic director Low Mei Yoke, Chiew Pei Shan, Zhuo Zihao (Singapore), Gabrielle Nankivell and Luke Smiles (Australia), Tung I-Fen (Taiwan), Victor Ma Choi-Wo (Hong Kong), Shahar Biniamini (Israel), Richard Chappell and Deborah Nightingale (United Kingdom), Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet, Edouard Hue and Thomas Lebrun (France), Sita Ostheimer (Germany), Sascia Pellegrini and Marioenrico D’ Angelo (Italy).

Headshot - Devon Bonelli_edited_edited.j

Devon Bonelli (UK)

Kaleidoscope V Music/ Sound Composer

"Where Sleeping Dogs Lie"

Devon Bonelli is a PhD researcher at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. Their work as a composer, producer, and performer uses a practice-based approach to interrogate political structures within their music. Their work specializes in theatricality, having written several times for the stage. By fusing classical training with modern approaches to dance and electronic music, they bridge the gap between two distinct sound worlds. They have worked with ensembles like the BBC Singers, London Sinfonietta, and Psappha and will be touring their opera, Queen Midas, and contemporary dance piece, Discopia, in 2023 and 2024.

Kelly Ng Headshot.jpg

Kelly Ng

Unsound.Bodies Unplugged Dance Artist

Kelly started her ballet training in Singapore at the age of four under the tutelage of Mr Donato C. Farrer. Subsequently, she explored other dance styles including Jazz, Hip Hop and Contemporary, working with teachers and choreographers such as Lena Foo, Jean Chan, Cheng Hsienfa, Xu Jie, Ledi Deans, Jeffrey Tan, Dan Kwoh and Peter Gn. An award-winning dancer, Kelly achieved Distinctions in the RAD graded and vocational examinations as well as Honours with Distinction in the Australian Teacher's Of Dancing Jazz Silver Star and Gold Star examinations. Kelly was a recipient of the Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarship for her academic achievements upon entry to Roehampton University (UK) where she pursued her BA (Hons) in Dance Studies. She graduated with First Class Honours in July 2014 and has been a member of the Dance Faculty at School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA) since January 2015. In addition to teaching, she has also choreographed works for SOTA’s annual showcases and explored interdisciplinary collaborations with her colleagues from the Music and Visual Arts faculties. Kelly enjoys bringing dance to the streets through photography collaborations and capturing the beauty of movement against the backdrop of a variety of landscapes. Her hobbies include crochet, baking, jigsaw puzzles and painting just to name a few. Kelly also serves with the piano as a member of her church’s music ministry and has contributed in its musical productions over the years. Recently, Kelly has performed with National Contemporary Ballet in its 2022 premiere production, Amalgamation, and is currently preparing for a new production set for March 2024.

Govin Tan.jpg

Govin Tan

Unsound.Bodies Unplugged Music Artist

Govin Tan is a versatile ‘World Music percussionist/ drummer with a burning desire to push boundaries in establishing ethnic drumming in contemporary settings. His journey began with the study of Indian Music in Singapore at the age of 12 and later furthering his craft in Tabla performance for the next few years in India. He was the first non-Indian to win the National Indian Music Competition in 2006 at the age of 14 (Tabla intermediate category) and 2008 at the age of 16 (Tabla open category). The rarity of such an achievement opened doors for appearances on various media coverages such as Channel News Asia, Channel 8, Channel 5, Vasantham, MTV Asia, Zao Bao, The New paper, The Straits Times, Tabla magazine, 98.7FM, 933FM, Peak Magazine, Tamil Murasu and many more. An adventurous soul at heart, Govin’s curiosity for the dierent musical cultures around the world led him to pursue them one study at a time. Subsequently, applying this knowledge in his musical compositions and processes for his productions and community outreach projects. His dedication and discipline for the arts has culminated in his involvement in numerous local and international festivals, residencies and performances with like minded artist — as a soloist, a sessionist as well as a composer — in multiple states in countries such as, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Australia, America, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Brunei. These experiences has since brought his musical understanding and performance to new heights. On many occasions, Govin has played many key role in numerous performing groups in Singapore and subsequently, was handpicked by the National Arts Council and Singapore Tourism Board as a performer, representing Singapore on the global stage. To date, Govin is a second generation owner of Flame of the Forest and an associate musician in Open Score Project and SA the collective. Apart from performing, he is also an active educator whom has a vision to groom and encourage more ethnic drumming in contemporary settings. Always a true student at heart, Govin continues to study and explore various ethnic instruments of the world.

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