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Free Workshops & Showing

These 3 activities aim to expose you to a few aspects of contemporary dance - firstly the physical and mental experience of it through participating in the dance form, then learning how to move with another body and experiencing the beauty in the honesty in this physical form of communication between two bodies, and finally gain a better understanding of the creation process of a contemporary dance work.

If you are new to contemporary dance or dance in general, we invite you to come join us in one, two or all 3 activities that we have planned for you to learn, experience and appreciate this incredible art form!

Contemporary Dance Basics Workshop

(Introductory level)

19 Oct, 8 - 9.30PM

The Substation Dance Studio

Designed to let the participants have a little taste of contemporary dance through a series of simple exercises, participants will expect to gain some sensory awareness, work on their coordination, as well as learn some basic movement techniques, and have some fun.

Partnering Workshop

(Introductory level)

25 Oct, 8 - 9.30PM

The Substation Dance Studio

Learn some partnering basics on weight sharing, contact work, lifts, and coordination in movements between two bodies. Participants will learn a simple short dance routine at the end of the session. Come with a friend or make a new friend at the workshop!

Work-In-Progress & Post-Show Discussion

28 Oct, 8 -  9PM

Venue TBC

Watch a short excerpt of our latest work, “Insatiable”, which will take to the stage in December this year, and learn about the creation process behind our works. Suitable for anyone interested to find out more about creating works or simply to enjoy a short performance.

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