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Streams Where Deer Drink Artistic Team


Hong Guofeng

Direction, Choreography, Videography & Projection 

Guofeng Hong serves as the Artistic Director of Sigma Contemporary Dance and SMU Indancity. He has contributed to the extensive body of work for Sigma Contemporary Dance since its inception, establishing Sigma's distinct identity in the local dance scene. His novel approach to choreography has driven him to create innovative pieces that extend beyond conventional stages. Notably, his portfolio includes site-specific performances at Dock 65 within the Esplanade Park, as well as a well-received online production titled "Survei:ance", which was fully conceived and executed on Zoom, and subsequently streamed via Facebook Live. His choreographic creations have been featured in prominent local arts festivals, such as the M1 Contact Festival and the SMU Arts Festival, as well as international dance festivals, including the Sibu International Dance Festival, Dance Circus, and the Blossom Arts Festival. Sources like The Straits Times and Arts Equator, have described his works as "compelling," "immersive," and "clever." In 2019, he collaborated with long-time partner Chua Chiok Woon to produce a duet that premiered in Singapore, and invited to perform in arts festivals in Hong Kong, Macau and Indonesia. Guofeng Hong actively shares his ongoing movement practice with young adults and working professionals through workshops and master classes, both domestically and abroad and has been invited to create works for many local institutions. Most recently, he spearheaded a collective called “Unsound.Bodies", dedicated to exploring innovative collaborations across multi-disciplinary elements.

Redwan headshot_edited.jpg

Redwan Hamzah

Music & Sound Design 

Redwan Hamzah is a composer, singer/songwriter, musician and educator. Interfacing with different disciplines, he has composed for dance, theatre and film: works include Dock 65, Hypnagogia, Civil Twilight, Eudaimonia, In Parallel, Body History: III (Sigma Contemporary Dance), Stolen Dance (Translucent Bodies) and Sunny (Viddsee). He has also performed in an improvisatory context for various shows, most recently Unsound Bodies and Weaving Worlds (Esplanade). He writes and performs guitar with the likes of Sezairi, Tim De Cotta, Taufik Batisah, Imran Ajmain and aeriqah, gracing stages such as ASEAN-IMF (India-Seher), Laneway, Baybeats, SingJazz etc. Currently a resident artist at National Gallery Singapore, his work blends synthetic and organic sounds in search of magic between familiarity and fantasy. Photo cr: National Gallery Singapore

Audrey profile.jpeg

Audrey Ng

Costume Design

Audrey Ng, an interdisciplinary artist with over a decade of experience in textile artistry, blends traditional techniques with contemporary flair, weaving a tapestry of metamorphosis from conception to realization. She sees costumes as transformative elements that evolve with dancers, shaping character and movement. Her designs transcend mere adornment, acting as catalysts for narrative expression and kinetic exploration. She celebrates cultural roots while embracing future possibilities, enriching the dance experience with dynamic storytelling through fabric.


Christina Chan

Direction & Choreography 

Born in Singapore, Christina studied at The Boston Conservatory was awarded the prestigious Arthur B. Whitney Medal for highest scholastic achievement after previously training at The New Zealand School of Dance. Her work in dance has taken her around the world, to Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, the UK and Africa; working with artists including Noa Zuk, Stephanie Lake, Sita Ostheimer, Byron Perry, Liu Yen Cheng, Matej Kejzar, Stephanie Batten Bland, Shahar Binyamini, Wallie Wolfgruber, Gabrielle Nankivell, Victor Fung, Lewis Major, Russell Maliphant, Aymeric Bichon and more. At home, Christina has been working with Singapore Ballet/Singapore Dance Theatre, since 2011, creating 7 repertory works for the company for company seasons and festivals Dans Fest and Sifa. She was previously a full-time artist and the rehearsal director at Frontier Danceland where she created numerous repertory works. She has also created work for NAFA, Lasalle and Sigma Contemporary Dance, where she is currently a resident choreographer. Featured as “upcoming dance artist of the year to watch” in 2012 by local newspaper Lianhe Zaobao and in Prestige magazine’s “nation’s brightest 40 under 40, 2013”, Christina was also a National Arts Council Scholarship recipient from 2005-2010 and a recipient of the Julie Ince Thompson Scholarship as well as a Merit Scholarship from The Boston Conservatory. She was the winner of local national choreographic competition Sprouts 2011 and "Best Dancer" in Sprouts 2012. Christina was also the Honouree in the 2015 JCI TOYP outstanding young persons award in the category of cultural achievement.


Neo Hai Bin


Neo Hai Bin is a performance maker since 2009. Some of his physical theatre works are Being:息在 (M1 Fringe Festival 2022), Transit步 (Esplanade eXchAnge 2023), and OX (Kaleidoscope.V 2023). His literary practice involves research works in social issues and the human condition. As a playwright, he also writes poems, prose, critiques, and short stories, which are mainly published in Lianhe Zaobao. He co-founded theatre reviewers team “劇讀:thea.preter” in 2017. He also co-founded “微.Wei Collective” with lighting designer Liu Yong Huay, creating spatial experiences for participants since 2017. Photo cr: Kaleidoscope Residency, Burke Raby

Hai Bin

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