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We are looking for associates for the 2024-2025 season.

Sigma associates will train with the company artists and perform in upcoming works by the Artistic Director Hong Guofeng and Resident Choreographer Christina Chan, as well as possibly invited local and international guest artists. 

/About Sigma/

We articulate what words can't.

Sigma values individual expressions and experiences; we encourage creative and artistic explorations in our creation process. Our training focuses on deepening our connection with of our body and its mechanics as well as finding space both mentally and physically to negotiate between release and control. 


  • Dancers who demonstrate strong contemporary dance technique and are comfortable with improvisation

  • Dancers who have a curiosity and open mind towards exploring new ways of presenting dance 

  • Committed individuals who work well both independently and in a team

  • Applicants should have completed your full-time studies by May 2024

  • Successful applicants will join the company for classes and rehearsals starting 31 March

/Administrative Details/


  • During performance season, rehearsal time slots are Saturdays 1:30PM to 7PM 

  • Additional rehearsal days may apply for smaller groups

  • Membership fees of $80 a month (collected quarterly) apply

  • Project fees may be provided depending on funding of projects

  • Speak to us if you require financial assistance

/2024 Performance Dates/

1 Jun, 6 Jul, 3 Aug, 7 Sep, 5 Oct, 29-30Nov

[Dress rehearsal dates are not included, and will be provided upon successful audition.]


You will require:

1. A 2min to 5min unedited video link of your solo improvisation

2. Your CV including all your dance experiences

Click here to apply

Apply by 15 Mar, 2359hrs.

Successful candidates will be notified by 17 Mar and invited to a live audition:



23 March 2024, Saturday



1:30PM to 3.30PM [report at 1PM to register and warm-up.]


Sigma Collective Space

10 Raeburn Park, #03-10A, S088702]
How to get there:


Email if you have any enquiries.

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