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Wan Yu
Sabril head.jpg


"I grew up exploring and appreciating various genres of dance. I express my creativity and passion in dance by fusing the techniques and styles together in my practice. I express myself by stretching my body to limits I’ve never reached for. I love aesthetics, but I also want to break barriers and bring myself out of my comfort zone."

Sabril started dancing at the age of 8 with Hip Hop. Over the years, he took on various genres such as Modern Jazz, Classical Ballet, Modern, Contemporary and Latin American Ballroom. He took part professionally in Modern Dance and Latin Competitions locally and overseas, under Jitterbugs Swingapore and The Dancesport Academy. He furthered his studies at the Diploma in Dance programme at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). He was also a scholar with Frontier Danceland and Singapore Dance Theatre. Graduated and awarded NAFA's Best Graduate Award, Sabril is currently a freelance artist working with choreographers and companies such as Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre, NAFA, and teaching at Lighthouse Dance, BalletBody, Jitterbugs Singapore and Slap Studio.


Sabril received a Full Tuition Scholarship at Boston Conservatory and will pursue his dance studies in the BFA in Contemporary Performance programme in September 2022.

Klynn head.jpg


"I am Klynn and am currently pursuing my Master's degree. Dance for me is a way to express things I cannot find adequate words for, that itch, that nagging thought, the emptiness. I also see dance as a showcase of the beauty of the human body, the way muscles contort, the simultaneous tension and fluidity of the body's physicality, More foundationally, I see dance as movement made meaningful.


Currently, my movement practice draws influence from scenes on the street, from the universality of feeling, and learning from dancers from diverse backgrounds, I think that dance is about how versatile one's movement vocabulary is, how one can draw attention to little details and play with music and space, drawing novelty to the habitual, of constantly finding new configurations."

Klynn is trained in ballet and contemporary dance, and actively explores other genres such as dancehall, streetjazz and gaga. Her movement practice often tries to incorporate elements from the different styles she has been exposed to. Klynn was a Sigma associate member in 2021 but is currently overseas to further her studies. 

SD head.jpeg


"Hi, I am SiangDing and you can call me SD. I am an INFP according to the Myers-Briggs Test (which I strongly resonate with), so I am pretty much someone who is introverted, intuitive, feeling and spontaneous. What’s made me fall in love with CI is the aspect that it does not have “rules' and you’re free to do what you want (with safety in mind of course!) and it allows me to connect with people easily. Every dance feels like a new conversation between bodies- it can be a simple ‘Hi there~’, a playful tease, a go with the flow mentality, an awkward dance or a misinterpretation. The possibilities are endless and I can never get enough of it."

SD started dancing with ‘2 left feet’ and zero musicality. Despite being not as competent as his peers, SD discovered his love for improvising and exploration. When improvising, he doesn’t have to worry about keeping up with other dancers and exploration allows him to tap on his creativity and uniqueness. SD has been active in the D3 contemporary dance club over the years. He has been mentored by Jesper Tan throughout his dance journey. SD is deeply interested in Contact Improvisation and has been attending CI festivals in KL and Thailand. He has been facilitating CI jams and hopes to share the fun of CI with more people.

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Lim Lenzo

"I have this personality that always wants to be different from others. Unless I have to adapt when learning choreographies. When I feel I dance, when I dance I feel, and I want people to feel how I feel in my body when I dance through watching and learning my body language."

Lenzo was born in Penang, Malaysia and started to dance at the age of 14 with Chinese Cultural Dance. At age 18, he started to formally learn Contemporary Dance technique. He also picked up Ballet when he was 21.

In April 2019, Lenzo graduated from NAFA Singapore with a Diploma in Dance.  Within the 3 years study in NAFA Dance, he danced in pieces choreographed by Dr Filomar C. Tariao, Christina Chan, Charlotte Boye- Christensen, Richard Chappell, Ezekiel Oliveira, Dr Siri Rama and NAFA alumnus Kenneth Tan and Sandra Leong. He also choreographed works for his Dance Creation modules such as Dear World,, The Face and Allelopathy under mentorship of Ms Gillian Tan.

Now Lenzo works as a pointe shoes fitter in Sonata Dancewear, helping dancers to find good shoes to dance safely, efficiently and be improved. Meanwhile, he is finding opportunity to display his creativity in making performances. His most recent work You are My Boy was presented in Kaleidoscope 2.0 under Sigma Dance Collective. Lenzo is also part of Kirishima Dance Corps led by Xenres Chi.

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"Hello! My name is Wan Yu, I started dancing at a young age and never stopped since then. Outside of that, I am a huge fan of Miffy and food is my love language. I tend towards music with subdued but distinctive rhythms - if it's emotional, I'll probably like it.


I am quite introverted by nature so dancing was one of the few things that helped me overcome my shyness. It also got me through many tough times and it's one of the few things that allow me to clear my head and disconnect from my problems. So I'm eternally grateful and glad it gave me a temporary means of escaping. I feel more motivated to become a better version of myself when I dance.


I was inspired by Doug Varone and Adam Barruch - taking their classes made me feel very at home with my own body. It was a rare time where I didn't get overly critical of myself as a dancer and could really enjoy the freedom and momentum of dancing. I was lucky enough to work with Hollis Bartlett from Varone's company for my Solo Repertory in my senior year at SUNY Purchase. During that time, I realised that I liked having moments of "airiness" and intensity in my fingertips and limbs. That feeling helped me move a lot more easily and led me to further explore these contrasting sensations."

Lee Wan Yu began dancing at the age of 5 with Sylvia McCully, a respected Singapore dance pioneer. She is a graduate of SUNY Purchase’s Conservatory of Dance and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts’ (NAFA). She has worked with local and international choreographers, such as Hollis Bartlett, Keerati Jinakunwiphat, Kevin Wynn (USA), Liu Wen-Chun (Taiwan), Filomar Tariao (Philippines) and Yoshiko Chuma (Japan). She has performed internationally at the World Dance Alliance Asia-Pacific Conference in South Korea, the Movement Research Gala in New York and as a professional dancer in Hong Kong.


In addition to performing, she had the opportunity to present her works on various platforms, such as NAFA Dance Alumni’s "归", Sigma Contemporary Dance's "Kaleidoscope II" and Singapore’s da:ns Festival.


She enjoys exploring different ways of moving while finding ease and comfort in her body, in order to express both strength and fragility.

Kathleen head.jpeg


"Dance to me is a way to explore and experience things with my body. I enjoy finding different pathways to move as well as search for the most efficient way in transition. Specifically, I like to create with the floor as it provides me with a different dimension and challenges my coordination and creativity as well. Floor is my best friend."

Kathleen joined Sigma Contemporary Dance as an associate artist in 2021 and is also currently an instructor at Converge Studios.

Ivan head.jpg

Ivan Koh

"Dance should do something for you and the audience. Cliche as it sounds Dance is very liberating and therapeutic, it is the therapeutic nature and freedom that creates the space for me to be vulnerable, encouraging me to explore more of what this body has to offer creating new vocabulary."

Ivan is a performing Artist based in Singapore and currently dancing with Singapore Ballet. He graduated from the New Zealand School of Dance, prior to that, Ivan studied and trained at School of The Arts Singapore. His movement research seeks to fuse his different dance trainings together to create new vocabulary from Ballet, Contemporary, Hip hop and freestyle. His interest in music composition and furniture making also adds a unique layer to movement creation.

Sky head_edited.jpg

Sky Kew

"Latin, hips driven, some cynicism towards social conventions, lack of space, love for spontaneity, musicality.


There are plenty of experiences that has shaped and changed the way I moved in the past to present. To pick a few: In dance, I am drawn to establishing a relationship or connection with someone or something in the space. It could even be props, it might even be with one of my limbs, or I imagine a single thought I would like to focus on and picture it in the space around me, hence my movements would feel like an ongoing duet with my floating thoughts.


I try to search of ways to connect our social conventions that I am intrigued by (or maybe rebel against) to my theme of movements. In the comfort of my own small space, I enjoy finding pockets of spaces to dive into or simply just extend the body into available space and let myself stay there, for just a moment longer."

Sky started dance training in competitive Latin ballroom in 2012 before enrolling in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in 2018 for her diploma in dance. With various platforms, she was involved in performances under international and local artist Ming Poon ("Unison"), Yarra Ileto ("Home.Body"), and Gillian Tan ("Embracing the distance, the void between us matters").


For her own work, she collaborated with NAFA music composer for Crossings 2021, '...but before we get there, someone moves". Since graduating, she presented “Them.” in collaboration with Adly Azizi Azamin, in Kaleidoscope. She also performed under choreographer Sharul Mohammed (“Komorebi”) for *SCAPE LAB = MUSIC x DANCE.


She was part of Kirishima Dance Corps from 2021 to early 2022, within the collective she has been involved in various works such as theatrical dance “You Are My Boy” by Lenzo Lim, “素性” and Mauve by Xenres Chi under different platforms.

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